Petrol Price to be the cheapest in goa


Yes. Bangalore does have good bus transport service then Delhi. Roads are ok but narrow at some places. Also Lane Discipline is worst.

We do need Public Transport but it should be reliable / effecient / and cheap.

SKYBUS was proposed but it did not work out it seems.

Metro is best as a Public Transport but connectivity is a very big issue to the stations.


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really how???Metro is coming soon to mumbai as would like to know y u think so...

All the trees are shoved off, and result is clearly visible in form of climate change. God, B'lore was never hot like this. It had one of the best weather in India :(


YES !! that is what I miss in bangalore these days. Its hot now !!

MG Road looked beautiful earlier , now it is concrete everywhere !!

They should start planting trees again.
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