1. shreymittal

    VW Polo 1.2L TSI Hot Hatch coming up

    VW is said to be planning a launch of the Polo 1.2L TSI in the coming weeks. The 1.2 TSI will be the range topper of the Polo range, replacing the now discontinued (and poor selling) Polo 1.6L petrol. The high-tech turbocharged TSI petrol puts out 104 BHP (@ 5,000 rpm) and 175 Nm of torque @ a...
  2. abhijit_reddevil

    Petrol price may rise by Rs.5/L, diesel Rs.3/L, LPG Rs.50/cylinder

    Petrol may rise Rs 5/litre, diesel Rs 3 - The Times of India Why dont they fix the petrol price at Rs.100/L, diesel at Rs.80/L and LPG at Rs.700/cylinder instead of this drama every few months? :evil:
  3. rider

    Car under 10 lakhs

    My family is planning for a car more suitable for the comfort of passengers rather than driving experience. And the most important thing is that it should be have good fuel efficiency whether its petrol or diesel and maintenance should be fair. My choices are (according to looking) Hyundai...
  4. theserpent

    Petrol Price to be the cheapest in goa

    Found in a PAGE in facebook
  5. nvrmndryo

    which hundai accent should i buy ? diesel,lpg,cng,petrol?

    hi , i am thinking of buying used hyundai accent . i have these options 1.accent petrol with lpg for 1.3k 180000 mileage done 2000 model. 2.accent crdi diesel 48000 to 100000 mileage 3.or should i get accent petrol within 1.2 and convert it to cng ? what u think about it ? what will...
  6. Y

    Do you have hyundai i20 (petrol)?

    I plan to purchase i20 sportz (petrol). I have some querries which i want to clarify before buying it.
  7. Tenida

    Maruti Suzuki launches the all-new Swift

    Photos of new swift Source-Yahoo
  8. Faun

    Heat sink and processor die cleaning

    Nail polish remover or petrol ?
  9. sachin_kothari

    Petrol price cut by Rs 5, diesel by Rs 2

    As oil traded near four-year lows, the government on Friday cut petrol and diesel prices by Rs 5 and Rs 2 a litre, respectively -- a move that will help tame inflation and foster easy money policy to push growth. As an interim measure, the government has decided to cut the prices with effect...
  10. koolbluez

    Regd strike, where do we get petrol in bangalore?

    Sorry guyz... but necessity/desperation. Šupər♂ too, drives :confused::D:(:mad: I'm returning to bangalore for 2 days.. for enjoin... and came to know a petrol strike's up there... i also heard some select petrol pumps selling petrol @ hiked up prices there, of course. Can any1 please tell me...
  11. panacea_amc

    Petrol: how to increase ur mileage?

    helo al, petrol is pricd at 51.75 bucks/litre. i own a CBZ. i remember sum liquid stuff frm Castrol @rs 80 per bottle, which they say, ìf i add to my fuel tank / litre of petrol, will add to the mileage. have u tried?
  12. sachin_kothari

    Petrol up by Rs 5 a litre; LPG up Rs 50

    The government on Wednesday increased the price of petrol by Rs 5 a litre and that of diesel by Rs 3 a litre. The price of an LPG too has gone up by Rs 50 a cylinder. Petroleum Minister Murli Deora has also proposed double price for extra cooking gas cylinders. He has also proposed a new...
  13. Voldy

    Electric Range Rover breaks cover

  14. raksrules

    Good Petrol Pumps in Pune ??

    This may seem odd... I work in Hinjewadi,Pune and own a bike. Can anyone suggest me good petrol pumps where i can get good quality petrol (unadulterated) ? As per what i have heard almost all the petrol pumps sell poor quality petrol near my office area.
  15. D


    i want to know any site which gives full details of petrol.... history sources usage etc.........
  16. nileshgr

    The Price of Petrol

    Dear Friends! Petrol in Pakistan Rs. 17 per liter Malaysia Rs .18 per liter In India it's Rs. 48 per lit er Why this difference in Asia itself? World Market CRUDE Oil is not the reason for this. It's all Gain for private owners? As we are the public, or Common Man as R.K.Laxman would...
  17. N

    Petrol cheaper by Rs 2, diesel Re 1 in India

    Source: New Price are available on the above link The price of petrol would be cut by Rs 2 per litre, while diesel would go down by Re 1 per litre, Union Petroleum Minister, Murli Deora, said. The...
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