PC not starting

My friend's PC is not starting. When i press the turn on button, the processor starts(sound can be heard) but nothing shows up on the monitor(monitor remains at stand by). Also a beep sound comes from motherboard continuously(usually a single short duration beep comes). What could the problem be ? He changed his mobo 3 months ago.

Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz @ 2.00GHz (I don't know why it runs @ 2.00 GHz but in his old mobo it ws running at 3), 1GB DDR 400MHz, Lord electronics mobo, Enhance 160W PSU


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Refit the RAM properly and also reconnect the HDD cables. That might be the problem.

Also, the PSU seems $h!t. Better to get a PSU like FSP SAGA II 350 w @Rs.1500


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Is it really necessary to go for FSP SAGAII 350W for an old P4 PC.

But yes, if going for a new PC then surely go for FSP SAGAII 350W or SAGAII 500W.


lord electronics motherboard? anyone heard of this brand before?
i think its a ram and motherboard problem


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Sam said:
enhance isn't a local PSU brand.
I never heard bout it before so...........

doomgiver said:
lord electronics motherboard? anyone heard of this brand before?
I always suggest everyone to stick with known brands for mobo. Again this name seems new/strange to me :confused:

Reconnect all connections made from mobo and if still it isnt fixed , then some component is defective


I think enhance is a known brand.

People who have old HCL computers, they will know it.

And so, I think the computer configuration OP mentioned is of some branded HCL Ezeebee series (old).

Problem Solution:

Your Processor is heating up!

Pull it out and apply fresh thermal paste on it and replace the heatshink Fan on it back.

Also, run your system on proper UPS.

Note: whoever is suggesting OP to change PSU, is really not necessary. That old system does not require more than that Enchance PSU. So, its ok!!


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Refitting the HDD cables & changing the RAM slot solved the problem.

But can anyone tell me why the processor is running @ 2 GHz instead of 3 GHz ?
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