1. nac

    [URGENT] I think I fried my motherboard

    I think I fried my motherboard when trying to fix my GPU issue. There was a burnt smell and now it's not booting. I tried some troubleshoot options, - LED light in motherboard is lit up - PSU fan not spinning - CPU fan not spinning - Don't hear any noise from HDD - No display in the monitor -...
  2. A

    upgrade cpu failed

    dear friends, my pc is branded. it's hp compaq presario. it's config is pentium dual core e5500, foxcon g 41 express chipset mboard, 4 gb ram, 650w power sopply, windows 7 (64 bit). recently i purchased core 2 duo e8500 cpu but after installing it my pc doesn't boot. there is blank...
  3. A

    how to upgrade cpu

    dear friends, my pc is branded. it's hp compaq presario. it's config is pentium dual core e5500, foxcon g 41 express chipset mboard, 4 gb ram, 650w power sopply, windows 7 (64 bit). recently i purchased core 2 duo e8500 cpu but after installing it my pc doesn't boot. there is blank...
  4. A

    post beep error 1 long beep and 2 short beep

    hello all first of all i have been back after a long time as i am facing a very strange issue which is first time with my pc to start with i have amd phenom x2 545 process and asus mobo m4n68t recently around last 30 days my pc was getting switched off automatically just like by power cut...
  5. P

    My pc is not starting up!!!

    :-( I started my pc today. was not starting. r working fine....but no lights on keyboard and mouse ...and bo display on monitor. ...plz help. ..
  6. Detailer

    Hardisk not working

    Greetings everybody! I had an internal 500gb seagate HDD I was using it with an external case and one day it suddenly stopped working when I connect it now it gives a beeping sound (much of an electronical beep) what is happening? (the hard disk also fell in the case from 30cm before stopping)
  7. rickenjus

    error message in boot screen

    Every time my pc boots I am getting these two error along with a long beep. Earlier I was getting an error message only all the content till "error 912" line, then I tried changing booting preference for hard disk, floppy disk etc in bios (which I don't know a thing about, did it randomly)...
  8. reddead

    Laptop turns off itself after a few minutes

    I decided to clean my laptop today, fan was making noises for past few weeks, so I blowed air into the vent...and then when I switched on the laptop, it shut itself down while loading windows with a light beep sound ( same beep sound can be heard when I forcefully turn off the laptop by...
  9. nvrmndryo

    Pc takes around 10 seconds to beep after pressing power button!

    My pc takes around 10-12 seconds to beep after I press power button, then it boots n takes 25 seconds more to boot into windows friends pc's beep takes only 1 second to hear where mine takes 12 seconds. Any help?
  10. G

    PC Running on power on but no display

    Hello my problem is that when i start my pc it sometimes turn on nice & good with a post beep but sometimes it starts without any beep. Other times after turning on all the fans run but there is no display. I think there might be a problem with the cabinet as earlier when i used to turn it on...
  11. speedyguy

    3rd way to Boot Windows 8 Laptop

    While installing display driver for laptop (HP tx1003au - nVidia Geforce Go 6150, Windows 8), due to some incompatibility windows 8 boot fails. Laptop already suffers some hardware failure which results in multiple beep sound before it could boot in. Now, after those beep sounds, windows 8...
  12. justme101

    BIOS beeps!!!

    My PC shuts down after 10-15 minutes if i use the net, watch movies etc. and if i open up CS:GO then it hardly stays on for more than 5-7 minutes. I thought it was an overheating issue as my processor fan is in it's last stage now. Here's the link for the thread where i have uploaded the pics...
  13. curioustechy

    Beep sound during startup and weird keyboard issue

    1) Recently all of a sudden, my cpu started producing a continuous beep sound during startup which lasts about 10 seconds. There is no problem in booting up but this shrill voice causes annoyance. 2) Also recently certain keys on my keyboard ceased working (left ctrl, f2, tilde...etc...
  14. I

    Troubleshooting help needed | Long continuous beeps during bootup + System freezes

    Issue: 1) There is a loud continuous beep which is emitted from the internal speaker while the O/S (win xp Sp3) is booting up. The system boot up beep comes fine and there are no issues till the windows loading screen comes up. This is when the long continuous beep starts (about 80% of the...
  15. A

    UPS problem

    i am having an inverter inaddition having an 1100va apc ups... it was working when the power came after shut down my ups dropped with continuous beep sound. my cpu ve 650watts corsair smps. but till date had no overload prob.. so i disconnected the ups from power cord and seen...
  16. P

    asus p8p67pro cpu led red light on.

    1)for some days my monitor.has been flickering. For example the tops of windows suddenly have black checkerboard pattern and the taskbar icons are not visible However the problem disappears when i hover the mouse pointer over it. I thought maybe it was a memory problem as my 1tb hdd was almost...
  17. anandharaja

    While Playing Game got beep sound

    hi, i downloaded Euro Truck Simulator 2 game, while playing game got beep sound after few minutes, and i switch to desktop and immediately switch to game the sound stops, and after few minutes again i got the beep sound from speaker. its over heating issue or what? my system configuration...
  18. R

    Pc not booting

    Few days back i noticed my pc was shutting down frequently. On restarting it manually there was a beep sound. So i checked the temp and found it to be 100c. I applied some thin film of thermal pase. Now the processor fan doesn't fit into the slots( this is not my 1st time). Also the PC...
  19. Bytebolt

    UPS without that irritating BEEP sound

    Hi friends, I want a UPS that can run my home basic config for at least 1/2 hour and doesn't make any of those irritating beep sounds as i have to sleep at night while downloading files in the same room :-D Any recommendations !!! ???
  20. ninad_mhatre85

    PC not starting up!!

    Hi All, i am posting a h/w query after long time ... one my friends PC just stopped working, when i checked it i found only CPU fan runs but there is no RAM beep, HDD never warms up. PSU fan is working but nothing else. I removed the RAM and started the PC still no continuous beep for...
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