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Long Live Gojira!
[STRIKE]Anybody willing to trade my 1.5k worth of Flipkart Gift vouchers(3 500s) for The Crew Ltd. Ed pre-order from game4u.com? Please?[/STRIKE]

Heard mixed reviews of the beta. I think I'll hold on to it. :3
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Swimming, eh??
Insurgency is an Amazing game.

It is what BF is with heavy emphasis on team-work and none of that pointless running&gunning. If you like realistic army shooters like Arma, then you'll surely love this.

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Thinking of buying Garry's Mod. Do we have a good player base here in southasia?


the last dlc is almost released i think, its the last much of early access u may get ig u buy it right now.....

and u already get plenty battlepacks thats all.
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