1. A

    promo code for ola

    anyone can suggest the trusted websites which offers the promo code for ola to get a great deals??
  2. Chetan1991

    General Query Which are the best sites to find deals online?

    Which sites do you use to find best deals online? I use desidime, which has good deals, especially if you search the forums, but lately haven't been able to find deals for products I want to buy.
  3. E

    how good is this laptop?

    Dell Inspiron 15 3543 Notebook (5th Gen Intel Core i5- 8GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 15.6 Inches- Windows 8.1) (Black) - Buy Laptops Online @ Best Price on I found this from digit's 16 best tech deals slideshow. How good is this? Any comparable models?
  4. nomad47

    Steam Sale Update 2k14

    hey guys, I know there is a PC game deals section. But I think steam sales deserve a dedicated thread. Please update the interesting deals here as they go online. I will try my best whenever am online in steam. Requesting help from everyone.
  5. A

    General Query Use PROMOCODE SAVE500 to buy tablets above 25000

    Snapdeal Tablet offer on buying Tablet above Rs 25,000 GET extra 500 off. The offer is for super savings deal.
  6. A

    Steam Summer Sale 2013 - And it begins

    Inspite of having a PC Game Deals thread, I am creating this thread only for steam sales, to keep all the sale in one place and to guide the new buyers. After the steam sale over It can be merged to the existing PC Game Deals thread. Merry Summer sale. Today's Flash sale Little Inferno: $2.49...
  7. P

    Best modding accessories or pc hardware shop at Nehru place or online? any? :/

    Hey Guys I've been in a big headache searching for hardware at my local market or even online but the only thing i get is *nothing*. Somewhere i don't get anything whereas when i do get something, no deals i get. So i would be visiting nehru place tomorrow (first time) and want to know (if)...
  8. theserpent

    Android Deals!

    Post all the best deals you come across :) like all can benefit.
  9. Skud

    PC Game Deals

    This thread is for offers/discounts from online stores from where you can purchase PC games. I will be updating the downloadable ones, others are free to add deals on DVDs etc (and digital deals too;)). The opening posts are brief introduction to some of the sites I use, along with some details...
  10. TheLetterD

    Price Drops And Great Deals

    Hello Thread (as the title suggests) made so that all the TDF members stay up to date on Excellent Deals and major Price drops Ill be posting them in the first post itself! Mod.s please feel free to move this thread to the Buying Advice section if you feel that is where it fits best Note: I AM...
  11. stonecaper

    Suggest a 3g modem and Some Steal deals from ebay using the 250 off coupon FAST

    Want to purchase a 3g Modem and some other items (Dont Have any Idea,just have coupons :)) Suggest the best deals please and plz Make it fast...Coupon is Valid Only till tomorrow TIA
  12. Sarath

    (Buying Advise) $100 IEM: Which one to choose?

    My friend is coming from US and I have asked him to get me Monster Turbine IEMs since I found the reviews to point out their bassy nature which I prefer .I do not like analytical ones. (Haven't heard them but, no bass=no fun, for me. However the price of these has been consistently high...
  13. guru_urug

    A new Graphic card from the US

    Hello guys, As I had posted in an earlier thread I had planned a step by step upgrade for my system. I upgraded my PSU to a 500W seasonic one and now I want to buy a graphic card. Initially I had planned to save till end of Dec or Jan to get a new card with the AMD HD 7xxx series to be out...
  14. C

    Laptop advice needed - 50K

    My budget is 50K, can be extended to 55K MAX. Screen size - 15"+ Would be using it to play FPS games like COD, Crysis etc. Brands I prefer - Dell, HP. Can go for others brands too if the deal is good. What are my best deals I can get? Thanks
  15. kool

    Flat 40% OFF!!!Pay JUST Rs. 60 for a mobile recharge worth Rs.100.

    Flat 40% OFF!!!Pay JUST Rs. 60 for a mobile recharge worth Rs.100. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: i recharged on diff 5 cell no. :) Deals More - Best Deals and Offers in India, Buy Coupons and Get Discount Time left 3Hrs from now.
  16. xtremevicky

    How about a Deals thread ?

    I been thinking that TDF members will greatly benefit from the thread which updates the deals of the day or deals of the week . Members can post interesting deals on Gadgets and Mobiles which we all buy and that would be a welcome addition for all. Spell out your views !
  17. S

    Posting Groupon style deals

    Hi Friends, Many of you might be aware of the famous group buying website Groupon (Chicago Deals: Cheap Fun Things to Do in Chicago | Groupon Deals). You would also have noticed the way they publish deals through Facebook. I need to know the way they post their deals? Can anybody let me know...
  18. D

    Best Deal on a Fully Loaded 15” Laptop

    Hey People! Not sure if you've checked this out before but Dell just came out with new deal on a 15" with all but your own documents on it. It's a crazy good deal if you're a student (at least $200 off) and the video card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD is SWEET! Plus, you could get 24...
  19. keith_j_snyder2

    Used 8600GT

    I want to buy a used 256/512MB GDDR3 version of 8600GT. My budget is 2.2K-2.5K inc. shipping. Please quote me ur deals & u r also welcome to show other options in the same price range.
  20. D

    Where do Mechanical & Computers merge?

    Dear Friends, I have just finished off my 11th(State Syllabi) by taking 92.45% My father runs an industry which deals with manufacturing of products called as Gauges and other Miscellaneous things (Website) and definitely i would want to support my father. But i have interest also in...
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