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007 getting married? That's new
Anyway congrats bud. And never give up the gaming. Rather get your spouse to game as well lol... All the best....
Waise shaadi ka invite kaahan hai?
Lol, thats a tough challenge but let me see what I can do. Thanks @aniketdawn.89, will definitely invite you for my future kid's first birthday :p

[MENTION=135367]007[/MENTION] Congrats man.. ab is khusi pe do a game's giveaway. :razz:
Thanks @arijitsinha sure, why not ;)

[MENTION=135367]007[/MENTION] Congrats man. Get a XBox/ PS now so you 2 guys can play together :D
Haha.. thanks [MENTION=89186]Piyush[/MENTION] :D

That kind of marriages are not allowed in India.

Congratulations Agent...GAME ON. :D
Thanks a lot @gameranand :)

Congrats mate . Appreciate all your post in this thread . happy marriage and happy gaming :)
Thanks @iittopper :) its my pleasure sharing the deals

Congo [MENTION=135367]007[/MENTION]
Thanks @Nerevarine :)

btw congrats [MENTION=135367]007[/MENTION]
Thanks [MENTION=138767]tanmaymohan[/MENTION] :)

congrats man best wishes for future life and also for gaming life...............
Thanks @gagan_kumar :)

Congrats and good luck. :p
Thanks @kapilove77 :)

[MENTION=135367]007[/MENTION] congo :D
Thanks [MENTION=57860]thetechfreak[/MENTION] :)

you dint invite me !!
Sorry @a_k_s_h_a_y but the world needs you more Nephalem ;) I didn't want to disturb you defeating the Prime Evils :D

Thanks @Anorion for the first free gift after marriage :)


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^^ "Update: Due to heavy traffic we are temporarily disabling this promotion. Please check back again in a few hours."


Free Age of Wonders at GOG. 248k copies left.

Thanks & congratulations on getting married. Hows married life?

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Not sure where to post, so here...

Will any credit card work on Origin/Steam ? For now I don't have much other use of a credit card.
I am seeing ICICI platinum credit card with Chip and PIN that asks to register 3D Secure for online transactions.
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