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[Complaint] Pathetic Seagate RMA ! - Solved for now

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You should be named as TDF's very own Bad luck Topgear.. Hopefully the HDD works good now and avoid Seagate at all costs next time


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Henceforth guys,move to WD, particularly for HDD's or even Hitachi.


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Learn from our suffering people :p
It turned out fine for me,I was lucky.
But guys who love their data and collections (not pr0n but the real stuff like holiday pics,games,fun,studies,work) should be careful about this.
I switched to WD 1 year back and it's been great till now :D


This is why you should run your download machines on Raid1
If a HDD dies, replace it with another with zero downtime.

IMO the average lifespan of a heavily used HDD is 3years after that you should be prepared to replace it.


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^^it takes days(that's right) to rebuild an array with 2tb hard disks while system is running with OS on it on some raid controllers.fastest way to rebuild an array is through bios but that would mean downtime so from an average user's viewpoint raid is not of much use not to mention raid setup is very sensitive to hdd behaviour.the initial WD green series failure in raid setup is well known & even now WD & users alike agree that WD Green is not suitable for raid & costlier Red series is recommended for raid setup.same is the case with seagate consumer drives which have a higher fail ratio in raid setups.outside of servers raid is pretty useless & one would be better off simply copy pasting or using some syncing software to backup data to other hard disks(internal & external).


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Wanted seagate 1.5TB hard disk Required old hard disk as per this specification

Seagate ST31500341AS (1.5TB)
F/W: SD17
P/N: 9JU138-300
If anyone has this "exact" working disk & willing to sell
kindly message me or post here I would like to buy it.

My hdd head has crashed & the only way is to use similar hdd & transplant its head to recover data.
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