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  1. V

    [SOLVED] Invalid S/N for WD My Passport Ultra hard disk from Cost to Cost

    Hi Guys, I bought a new WD My Passport Ultra 2TB external hard disk from " Cost To Cost " - Nehru Place, Delhi on 22 Jun 2015 . I checked the hard disk on WD Support Portal website and found that the S/N is invalid:-x Just wanted to warn the future buyers. There were no typos like 'O' instead...
  2. topgear

    [Complaint] Pathetic Seagate RMA ! - Solved for now

    Ok, Long story short : I had* a seagate 500B 7200.11 [ notorious ] HDD which I had to submit for RMA two times before to Accel Frontline - so far my exp. is good with them regarding Seagate HDD RMA and they do replace the drive within 7 days. So submitted the HDD [ S/N : ****C5JM ] on 16th Sept...
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