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Page loading error in thinkdigit.com.. anybody have xperienced

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some time, i have faced page loading error in thinkdigit.com frequently from past 30 days.. the site loads successfully only after 2 or 3 minutes.
anybody have experienced like this..


Always confused
for me in my coll with 40 MBPS Wifi the forum and homepage have not loaded for about 3 days....even when it loads it takes a minute that too it opens only in IE and not in Firefox.
Posted again:
that really irritated me.....
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In the zone
Compared to an issue which I faced 2 days ago, this is nothing. Whenever I tried to load ThinkDigit in Firefox, Vista will give a blue screen. After I got the blue screen first time, not knowing what could be the reason, I started Firefox (after reboot) and came directly to the forum. Got blue screen immediately. So, the third time, I went to a few other sites first. Then I came to TDF, and again BSOD. After rebooting, I cleared Firefox cache and no probs so far. :D
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