1. G

    Repairing emmc of the galaxy tab 7.7?

    Hello, to all of you. Actually, I have a Galaxy tab 7.7, some days ago, It went into the bootloop problem, I tried to factory reset it, then I tried to update its firmware, everything was done successfully, but when the tab restarts it shows the same problem and all the data is present, some...
  2. kg11sgbg

    Suddenly all Desktop Icons disappeared from MATE in Linux Mint-15

    Friends,in a seperate free partion of my HDD which is in ext4 format,I had successfully installed Linux Mint-15(Olivia) with MATE DESKTOP,everything was running fine. Yesterday, I downloaded the KDE Desktop(i.e. plasma desktop settings + apps. + tools)and successfully installed along side MATE...
  3. maverick786us

    Upgrading Galaxy S2

    Yesterday I tried upgrading my Wife's Galaxy S2, who is still using old Gingerbread. Twince it happened, that it download 218 MB, restarted and then dispalyed error message "Failed to upgrade firemware, either use Samsung Kies or contact service center". Can someone help me in resolving this...
  4. kg11sgbg

    Sound issues and Repos. problem in openSUSE-12.3

    Hi all,I have successfully Downloaded and Installed openSUSE-12.3(64-bit) onto my Desktop PC system. Everything is running and functioning normally,except for two Problems: 1). Sound is not playing in normal user desktop(KDE-4 or LXDE or GNOME) but is playing well in ADMIN. (Root or su) user...
  5. S

    dell xps 15 problem

    i am trying to reinstall OS (clean format factory OS) i have tried many times, burning DVD's with various window's ISO available from internet, with various program's available. burn's successfully. but never gets read. instead it shows blank DVD. i have wasted many DVD's in this process. those...
  6. AVT

    [Query] Intel Processor RMA ? Any ideas can't find anything simple like corsair or gigabyte?

    Need details on how to RMa Intel i5-3450 board. Details are scant on the net. Have anybody successfully completed such a task before ? where is the shop i can take my processor to in delhi ?
  7. kg11sgbg

    Issues relating to sound problems in openSUSE 12.2 (64-bit)

    Hello friends,have successfully installed openSUSE 12.2(x86_64/64-bit) distro onto my machine. After a moderate update of software installed,my system sound is not working in openSUSE-12.2 All the "alsa" drivers and plugins(except plugin : alsa-oss,which I didn't install)are successfully...
  8. msn

    Remote Media Server Setup

    Hello Friends, I have setup DLNA Media Server for my TV and other PCs successfully. I am able to stream Photos, Music and Movies successfully on all PCs and my TV. On weekends I visit my sisters place which is some Kilometers away. She has Airtel as her ISP. I want to know if my Media Server...
  9. anandharaja

    How to build 64-bit application using VS c++ 2008 express?

    hi, i like to build blender for 32 and 64-bit versions, but i successfully build 32-bit version. how can i build 64-bit version of blender.
  10. A

    big problem in python

    hello frnds, for past few days i m trying to make a simple musicplayer in python with the help of mp3play module. I successfully created it. It runs smoothly in python with out any error. :razz:but problem occurs when i try to convert that .py file to excutable using py2exe. While converting an...
  11. Dreamer

    Port forwarding on MTS MBlaze

    Hi, I have just bought MTS MBlaze in New Delhi as wired broadband was not available in my area. I tried to forward port for torrents as I had done previously for many years in my Airtel connection, but was unable to do so as the default gateway shown is, so there are no advanced...
  12. phuchungbhutia

    Unattended Xp DVD ?

    I tried n lite and xp iso maker software but i couldnt get any success in it. The n lite software wont save iso above 900mb . . I have done cds successfully but m not able to do it in dvd . . Any one done it ;) and how if so
  13. eggman

    Can't change my avatar!!

    As the title says, When I tried to change my Avatar it says UPLOAD OF IMAGE FAIL. This msg was also displayed even befor, but Image uploaded successfully back then! Is it just me, or other also face same problem!
  14. Sathish

    Page loading error in anybody have xperienced

    some time, i have faced page loading error in frequently from past 30 days.. the site loads successfully only after 2 or 3 minutes. anybody have experienced like this..
  15. M

    DVD drive weird problem - LITE ON 20A1P?

    LITE ON 20A1P DVD drive writes and verifies DVD's Data successfully using NERO, but to vain when reinserted to access DVD, drive shows the DVD as Coaster, of course I have up to 20 DVD Coasters like this, all burnt in this same LITE ON 20A1P DVD drive, sometimes burns to certain percentage like...
  16. C

    cannot open usb device

    whenevr i try to open the "verico" USB device of my friend's, i get the "open with.." dialog box. my own transcend device can b opened successfully. can u plz suggest a way out of this???
  17. Rahim

    Sound Stops after some seconds in Gutsy

    Hi guys, again i am having a problem.WHile i play mp3 in Exaile it plays for a while and then sound dies but song continues to play. If i click next then Exaile freezes.If i leave it that way after 3-4 minutes the next song is played. This freezing continues to happen in VLC, Totem, XIne,Mplayer...
  18. I

    problem with my compiler in vista

    The tc++ version 3 does not open in full screen mode and tc++ win4.5 version does not install successfully. What's wrong and what should I do About it? Please help me.
  19. mak1012

    hi friends i just got OPTon repository cd.....i resotred it successfully. but now what to do to install these softwares?
  20. D

    cd writer problems

    i m currently using an lg cd writer.i have nero 7 installed.when i try to copy a disc using the copy cd option,nero successfully makes an image of the disc and writes it on a blank cd.the "burn process completed successfully" dialog box is displayed.but when i run the cd on my pc it shows up as...
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