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Nokia N96 launched in India TODAY

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N96 launched in India

This is breaking news. Nokia has preponed their launch and already launched N96 in India according to N96 unofficial blog. its about 36000. Cool, time to grab this one :D


Re: N96 launched in India

They priced it same as iPhone 16GB, that would be an issue, should have kept it a bit cheaper!


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Re: N96 launched in India

^^ iPhone doesn't have even half the stuff of N96. It's the iPhone which should've been cheaper and not the other way around.


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Re: N96 launched in India

How can the N96 be the iphone killer as touted by Nokia??

botha re completely different devices and the N96 is infact a N95+dvb. Iphone will outsell it hands down.The its gonna release in September and have started a pre booking scheme.LOL.


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In the most shocking move ever, Nokia has formally launched Nokia N96 in India and it’s set to hit all large and small mobile stores across India from Monday. The launch happened in New Delhi, India’s Capital City. This is confirmed by our sources on the ground.

Nokia wanted to launch N96 before the iPhone 3G is launched in India. The N96 was initially set to launch first in the UK on the first of October. But Nokia seems to have changed their plans and are launching it in India.

The timing is so wickedly correct. Even as we wait for the iPhone, Nokia is dropping this fully loaded beauty into our laps and we estimate the price to be somewhere in the vicinity of Rs. 36,000.

The quandary about what phone to buy just got bigger and more complicated with these two behemoths launching so close together. The Indian market is truly getting to be the biggest mobile market on the planet and personally, being spoilt for choice, we have no complaints whatsoever.



it was launched yesterday not today. I watched the news yesterday at news24 (news channel) at evening 5.30 pm.


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What a big surprise?? This in itself shows the size of the Indian market that manufacturers are rushing 2 launch their products in order to get an edge over one another...

N96 was supposed 2 be launched on Oct 1 in UK and then in other markets across the globe...Then it was heard that it will b launched in Sept...But 2 a big surprise they have launched it now so as 2 grab a share of the market which wud have gone 2 iphone otherwise.....Consumers have a choice between N96 and iphone now...


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^^if iphone can be priced at 31k and then costr additional for monthly plans,this is a much better deal...

but it is still too much i agree...looks like all manufactureres are thinking alike in pricing thier new phones in the indian market..i thought it will replace the n95-8gb and be only slightly more expensive...but it shud come down in price very quickly considering how the n95 was in market for a while...

and i am glad the indian market is gaining importance


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+1 Third Eye.

A phone which has no basic advantages to the N95, its insane to price it so high. n95+ dvb is hardly worth 36k. Will be a flop.


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^^ I hope you know how costly flash drives are as of now. The 16 gb flash memory is one of the reasons why the N96 costs so much.


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NOKIA N96 is best device available in market,it's a master piece of each and every features,goahead and take one,experience it's magic with your loved once.
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