1. K

    nokia n96 for sale

    excellent condition nokia n96 just for 11,000/- only includes : handsfree, charger offer for mumbaikars only if interested contact on koolneo07@gmail.com
  2. M

    i am in trouble, me with N96-may be virus effect-read and suggest

    dear all, i have brought a bran new N96 before 3months. very good phone, with a good video playback quality and a more better camera. well,last week, i have connected my 96 with my office PC. those moment, my gallery, and message box got formatted. i have got shocked. and after that, every...
  3. R

    Which mobile phone are you using currently ?

    Just was wondering which mobile phones forums members are using currently. Now a days I do have two phones Nokia6300 and N96. But out of both I found 6300 reliable and fast phone comparative to N96..so which is your at the moment ?
  4. M

    N-Gage on N96

    i currently hv a n81 nd thinkin of upgrading to n96... does any one hv a clue how's gameplay on n96 since i really don't want to compromise on it plz tell from ur exp.. :D:p
  5. mohitgiri

    urgent help for N96 DATA lost

    hi friend. unfortunatley i have formatted N96. all the data in its hard disk like WAVE SECURE. OM SHANTI OM MOVIE etc everything losted... i did'nt save any backup. plz help me urgent abt these data.. regds
  6. A

    n96 shocking battery life

    hi there new to the forum and noticed a few with the same issues as me. Had my n96 just over a week now and the battery life is awful!! From fully charged leave it on standby and its dead and turned off in less than 6 hours!!! Use it for calls and video and it lasts 2 hours! It's almost...
  7. paper_heart_21

    My 2 month old n73me

    Hi.... I want to sell my n73me just 2month old because i now want to buy n96 !! Anybody interested ??
  8. m-jeri

    Samsung Innov8

    hey.. How much does this phone costs??? i read it as 51000 one place...is it true?? i am thinking over to buy n96 or innov8 on coming DEC... is samsung really worth it... hope SE brings something worthwhile like these...damn...
  9. M

    N96 Video Game

    i got this on Facebook. its an animated game on n96. U can play it on www.toolittlespace.com. It's based on the amount of content u can store in ur N96. The point they are harping on is 24GB capacity. The game is simple, but the video is cute. Have a look. the animated characters look funny...
  10. S

    N96 available for 34,999

    finally.. n96 is available for 34,999... though some dealers say it's dependent on dealer to dealer.. if you r in del... u still nd to wait though :mad: they say short on stocks, will be better after friday... but no such prblm in chennai, bangalore and mum ..
  11. Tanmay Satpathy

    Official iOS devices thread

    Hi friends. At first I welcome all who purchased iPhone3G in india. I have also got one 16 GB model (white) from AirTel. Believe me, the interface is really addictive. Nothing can be compared to the marvelous interface of this phone. I would like to discuss all issues regarding the...
  12. S

    Need to know about N96

    Come to think of it, if one looks at an informed buyer making a rationale choice then the decision will never be just driven by whether I get a touch screen or a different looking phone or extra couple of pixels. I guess, it’s about how feature rich the phone is, the performance, storage...
  13. M

    N96 vs. iPhone - out of question!

    the 'i' letter is what apple tends to take very seriously as always.. i for innovation... yes.. i phone is innovative.. but as a consumer between the n96 and iphone, i will always go for the n96... moreso as both device coming into india and their speculated prices in every other...
  14. V

    Nokia N96 launched in India TODAY

    N96 launched in India This is breaking news. Nokia has preponed their launch and already launched N96 in India according to N96 unofficial blog. its about 36000. Cool, time to grab this one :D
  15. N

    Nokia N96 available from September 1st week

    Nokia N96 is expected to be officially launched in India today. It will be made available in the market in the first week of September.... before its available anywhere else globally. Source: *economictimes.indiatimes.com/Nokia_intercepts_iPhone_with_high-end_handset/articleshow/3379048.cms
  16. uppalpankaj

    Nokia's N96 to go on sale on October 1

    The Nokia N96 will go on sale on October 1 this year in Europe... Here is the link: *www.mobileburn.com/news.jsp?Id=5034 @ dreamcatcher - You can read the above mentioned link for your reference as u had asked 4 it in the other thread...So I am posting...And sorry, I didn't mean 2 hurt...
  17. m-jeri

    Is Nokia N96 out yet?

    Is N96 released. they said q3. but some websites saying they be doing it ASAP. and any of u know the speculated price? p.s. I will sell my Iphone 16Gb for this peace of beauty......hehehhe
  18. Zangetsu

    Nokia N82!!!

    :confused: Is N82 Black out in India(Because I saw it in gsmarena )? if no,then when it'll release.... Will N96 beat N82 ? :D
  19. R

    Rumor: Nokia N96, N97.. Jusst Lukat em!

    The Nokia N96 Apparently, this concept should boast all the features of the N95, plus much more. There’s a much better 7 MP camera, way more memory, an array of connectivity options, and much more. Plus, it’s slick, thin and stylish. Yeah, and I guess its battery stands more than million hours...
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