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I have a pair of creative SBS245 speakers. When I start my computer everything works fine but after about half an hour disturbing chirping noise comes from the speakers. everytime I click anything the noise comes even the media files can be played due to this disturbing noise.

I have onboard SoundMax audio with latest driver available on intel's site. I have even tried to lower the hardware acceleration level to 0. nothing works.

Kindly help me out. I have a intel 865GBF motherboard, 1gb RAM, 80gb hard disk, 2.4Ghz processor.


Check wether any power cable is present near your system...
which application do u use to play audio/video files?,,
Uncheck the "96khz/24bit decoding" option in the application if it has the option.

Before we suggest anything, please check:
1) Your speaker on other system
2) Any other speaker on your system.
3) Try playing songs in different player.

Please post back results.


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for checking your Sound driver go for the DirectX Diagnostic Tools
For more refer to this

Next if it has no problem then....
its definite it is the Hardware problem go for the connections checkup and and look if the diaphragm of ur speakers are not tampered.


Actually, I have the exact same motherboard Intel 865GBF back at home. And the Sound max driver. It gives the exact same problem... I have asked my parents to try different solutions... still in vain. For about 40 minutes the voice is good (on gtalk), or for that matter, from the time the system is on. Then, the same thing happens... Loud chirping noise come in, when media is played or not.. and I couldn't hear anything while voice chatting too!

In case, if some1 has experienced the same problem but managed to find a solution, please let me know.



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My speaker works fine on my system well enough but only for half an hour or so. So question about my speaker being faulty doesn't arise. I have checked the connections but it used to work fine a few days back also. I am just confused about what to do.
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