1. liquidsnake

    No display during post or os boot

    Hi, My laptop fell from bus seat to the bus floor and since then there is no display during post or os boot on the default laptop screen. The display works fine on the secondary monitor. I can hear the post sound (asus post sound) each time. After post the display comes fine and works normally...
  2. F

    Keyboard stops responding on Dell Latitude E6430

    I have a corp Dell Latitude E6430. After windows boots up, after sometime the keyboard does not work. No key press is recognized. Sometimes keyboard works for a long time, some time it does not even work at initial login I connected a external keyboard and it works just fine. I ran BIOS...
  3. C

    NVIDIA Audio

    I connect my headphone to monitor. Monitor is connected to NVDIA graphics card (GTX 750 TI) via HDMI cable. It works fine, last day i connected earphone that comes with my android phone, sound works fine, but the mic is not working (my old headphone have no mic), i am not sure NVDIA HDMI...
  4. V

    Comp boots properly, then slows down and pretty much stops working

    Hi, I have a Win 10 PC, assembled. It was working flawlessly till recently. Now, it boots up properly and for the first few minutes, it works well too. Then, it absolutely slows down and i can't open any application, be it Windows or others like Firefox etc. The surprising part is if i...
  5. mati17


    Dear Forum, I have basic computer knowledge. i know MS Office. I am going to learn CorelDRAWX5. i want to know its future. Actually, i wanna do online computer works and make money (Like websites Freelancer offers). So, please guide me. Thanks & Regards, Matin
  6. Sumeet_naik

    Netgear DGN1000V3 with BSNL broadband not working.

    Anybody having same setup got it working? WI FI is up. Net works with a modem + D link shareport go.
  7. K

    New Ram not working in Asus p5g41tm-lx3

    I bought 2x4gb of transcend 1333mhz(Ts512mlk64v3h,u-dimm) ram for my Asus p5g41tmlx3 and the pc is not booting with the new ram but it works fine with my old ram(2x2gb)Ramaxel 1066mhz.
  8. F

    Ever added a font to tesseract?

    If yes please help me guys.. already wasted half day. I have no idea what to do and how to do.. Please make me a new trained language file for Tempus Sans Itc. with all characters.. ie. a1! letters, numbers, symbols.. I really need one. :-( If it works correctly, then you will save me. If...
  9. M

    Asus G501JW

    when this model Asus G501JW will be released in INDIA, any idea guys. have cute looks..may be works for medium gaming.
  10. A

    tp link modem td w 8968 malfunction

    modem was working fine but now doesnt connect with my lappie on wi fi but does with all my mobiles.wi fi works well with this lappie with my bsnl link on WPA 2 personel secure mode with enable WPS disabled Wireless -- Security This page allows you to configure security features of...
  11. D

    Game Recording and Editing Software Help

    ~Read Rules~ Dont ask about pirated software
  12. TechnoBOY

    How to earn online.

    As the title says there are many ways so can i get some which really works
  13. patkim

    AF Drive and WinXP

    It's time for me to replace my old HDD (Desktop Internal SATA). I think most HDDs now are AF (Advanced Format) drives. I am still using & prefer Win XP (SP3) Does anyone know if XP can be installed and works fine on AF HDD? Thanks.
  14. K

    Videocon TV shows not supported when connecting computer with HDMI

    Hey guys, I just bought a new Videocon 40 inch LED (VKC40FH) and tried connecting my computer to it using an HDMI cable. But once it boots up, after the BIOS screen and windows logo, the screen goes blank and shows 'not supported'. It works fine if I connect it to my old Samsung TV using HDMI...
  15. sling-shot

    Unable to load

    For the last 3 months or so I am unable to load * in Firefox desktop version from home. Either in Windows or Linux. Nor with a new profile with no add-ons. My ISP is BSNL and I am on 800 unlimited broadband DSL plan. It works while using IE on my laptop. No with Opera...
  16. D

    Unable to play youtube vids

    "there was a problem while playing touch to retry" comes when i try playing video. Could not find any solution on net. Everything else works fine.
  17. J

    Peculiar problems.

    Okay I recently acquired an HD7850 from an RMA process. It was working fine. Now I bought a new fx8320 recently and now, whenever I start up my pc after it being off for some time, the display flashes on and off a few times(while in desktop or doing random stuff). Also, I see strange blue...
  18. P

    Best Broadband In lucknow U.P

    Hi, I have been bsnl broadband subscriber since 2008 or so. Right now I am on a 1425 ULD plan 4mbps till 20 GB and then flat 512 kbps. The thing is with my downloading habbits spiralling out of control 20 GB is consumed within 15 days max. Therefore from some time I am searching for an...
  19. R

    VOIP for BlackBerry: help needed

    Hello all TDF members. I have a BB 9500 storm. Right now I am out of India and my phone bills are astronomical due to high call rates. I have tried mobile voip and ivoip dialers and the sort. But none of them work with BB data plans. Can you guys help me here? I need a voip dialer that works...
  20. S

    New PC- Laptop or Desktop

    I am currently using a desktop of the following configuration and am willing to get a new one. Processor- Core 2 Duo E7500 @2.93 Ghz RAM - 4GB DDR3 GPU - XFX ATI RADEON HD 4350 HARD DISK - WD CAVIAR BLUE 500 GB I mainly want a pc that is somewhat futureproof , works smooth and can handle...
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