1. D

    A faint sound coming from my new Asus Tuf A15

    I got a new Tuf A15 a few days ago and yesterday I noticed a faint sound coming from it. I don't know how to describe it. Maybe like an insect chirping? I don't hear it on my older laptops. It isn't loud. I can hear it in silence during the night or if I put my ear on the chassis during the day...
  2. S

    What does this sound from Desktop CPU mean? The above link has the sound file coming from the desktop recorded using a voice recorder. It appears when I turn on the computer and goes off after 5 to 10 minutes From which part inside the CPU is the sound...
  3. Mehul Chauhan

    Philips 49inch 49PUT7791 4k test

    I cannot find any native 4k video to test my tv, all i'm getting is to download from youtube which i get noise and pixelation. i need any links for 4k videos to test my tv.
  4. C

    Want best noise isolation in-ear below 1K!

    I want best noise isolation in-ear below 1000 rupees. my only priority is noise isolation. I have other headphones to fulfil my audio needs.
  5. nac

    Buzzing noise when using mic

    For the last 2-3 days I hear buzzing noise when using mic. There is no new hardware or software installed lately. Because of the noise, the recording sound is not that good and audible. I googled to find solution but none worked so far. I don't know what caused this problem, I would like to fix...
  6. T

    Need IEMs for ~1k

    Music: Trance, House, Techno,Tech-House (Not too much big-room/commercial bass heavy EDM) Lower mids are important, and so are highs :lol: Travel by bus; besides the noise they sometimes decide to play music there :-x ; so good noise isolation is something I need. Mic/ Volume control not...
  7. clmlbx

    New western Digital BLack Noisy

    After long time posting something here. couple of days back I bought WD Black 1TB HDD. Yesterday installed it and it started making weird noise, I have searched internet and most says it is normal for Black. should I leave it or go for replacement. Have not yet made partitions, It is still...
  8. D

    Screen flickering issue

    Hello all, My pc config is Gigabyte B85 D3H,i5 4440,2* 4gb Corsair C9 ddr3,Corsair VS 650,Samsung EVO ssd, Win 8.1. currently i am not using any GPU. Sometimes my pc is showing distortions and flickering as shown in the pic. Flickering is horizontal and there is KHHHHRRRRRRRRR noise. Only...
  9. D

    1.5 tonne Split AC under 27K??

    Guys the market is packed with AC of so many brands and types that my head started spinning a while ago, so i urge you to guide me through my first split ac. All i need is a decent split ac with consumption and noise as low as poosible in the given budget, although noise factor comes last... I...
  10. sanny16

    samsung phone charger making noise

    Should i buy a new charger or is it okay to use it even if it makes noise while charging? Does this happen to others too?
  11. quicky008

    HDD emits a peculiar clicking sound-what could be the cause?

    I have 3 Seagate hdds on my system-80 GB,320 GB and 1 TB and they are powered by a corsair VX 450W psu.The first 2 drives are over 5 years old whereas the 1 tb drive is around 2 years old.I have never faced any issues with them and they have served me well till date.But of late,I have been...
  12. G

    Logitech UE 6000 Premium Over-The-Ear Headphones Review

    Hi everyone,its Gizmo96 here with a new Review.This a full review of the Logitech UE6000 over-the-ear heaphones.These are a premium set of heaphones in for around Rs.17,500 and are one of the best headphones that I have ever heard.So let's get started with the review Packaging With a hefty...
  13. M

    Best noise cancelling earphones in market

    Hi everyone I have always used this forum before buying a gadget and I have never been disappointed. So here I am again with another one of my queries. I work from home and I find it difficult to concentrate if there is even slightest noise in the background. So I am looking for the best...
  14. A

    Noise on connecting pc speakers to TV

    I have a f&d 2.1 pc speakers and i have removed it from my pc and connected it to my videocon d2h set top box. So output audio from the set top box is played through my 2.1 speakers and the video is played on my tv through hdmi. Now when ever the speakers and set top box are on, i hear a noise...
  15. Limitless

    UPS making noise

    When I play Far Cry 3 my UPS starts making beep noise Can anyone tell me what is happening My UPS Beeps continuous for 5 to 6 sec and then delay for 5 sec and again beeps again continuous for 5 to 6 sec My ups model no. APC Back-UPS 600 My PC Specs Some one find me solution please...
  16. Limitless

    UPS making noise

    When I play Far Cry 3 my UPS starts making beep noise :( Can anyone tell me what is happening :( My ups model no. APC Back-UPS 600
  17. sanny16

    Blurry text on increasing the brightness of screen

    The texts on the computer or the font gets blurry or un alligned when i increase the brightness of the led. Whys is this happening? Plus there is a mur-mur noise in the speaker which is connected to pc but nothing is played. Why is this noise generated? Plus im not able to activate the bluetooth...
  18. M

    Phenom II X4 + HD 6850 and a high pitched sound issue

    I have PHENOM II X4 and HD 6850 graphics card. The issue I have is that with the onset of summer the fan makes too much noise, like a smaller version of an airplane taking off - a very high pitched sound. It is difficult to sit anywhere in the room where my computer is kept and the high pitched...
  19. ithehappy

    Buying two fans for Hyper 212. Which ones should I?

    Currently have two R4 (A12025-20RB-3BN-F1). Should I get the Xtraflow ones? XtraFlo - Cooler Master Or anything else? Budget: Rs.500/piece. Noise level is a big factor! Thanks in advance.
  20. Jay1234

    Laptop startup noise optical drive ?????

    The issue is my laptop's optical drive makes a noise at start up , shut down &some times when i insert pen drive or charger like for 2 second what is it ? Does your lappy makes simalar noice btw its working f9 do i need to tell lenovo about it ???
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