1. P

    Add new HDD for Mirroring

    I have the following config. AMD 3.5 GHz AM3 Phenom II 970 ASUS M5A88-M Motherboard Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD I plan to add another HDD for data mirroring. Will I be able to do without disturbing the current configuration? How risky it is? Any help is highly appreciated.
  2. Kirtu Jindal

    Top Cities in India Will Probably Run Out of Water in Next 5 Years!

    Delhi groundwater may run dry in 3-5 yrs: Study - The Economic Times This is extremely disturbing to read, but is anyone surprised?
  3. Prime_Coder

    Engineers are over-rated.

    Read : Source Article
  4. P

    Help on Installing Windows 7

    I have 3 partition in my HDD C:\ ==> Windows XP SP2 D:\ ==> Backup Partition E:\ ==> For Experiment (Currently having my primary OS Win XP SP3) Now i want to install windows 7 on C:\ without disturbing XPSP3 on e:\ So that finaaly I will able to Boot in Windows 7 (on C:\) and SP3 on...
  5. S

    upgrading from kubuntu 8.04 to ubuntu 8.10

    guys i have kubuntu 8.04 on my laptop and would like to upgrade it to ubuntu 8.10. is there any way to do that without disturbing my partitions?
  6. Fighter

    noisy speaker

    I have a pair of creative SBS245 speakers. When I start my computer everything works fine but after about half an hour disturbing chirping noise comes from the speakers. everytime I click anything the noise comes even the media files can be played due to this disturbing noise. I have onboard...
  7. bonny72

    Ahmedabad Gujarat Blacklist

    :mad: Dear Friends I m posting numbers which r disturbing us everyday for card, loans, finance etc. Use some software in your mobile which can block this numbers, or u can add this numbers in your mobile and name like FALTU NO, and don't receive or reject 40074045 40072380 30021605 65420352...
  8. Sinja

    POP Two Thrones Help plz

    hi guys i recently got prince of persia 2 thrones. and just started to play it but im gettting this rectangular area of yellow and bright light where ever my character is . its moving with me and disturbing my view. is that a bug or some thing? im not able to get rid of that moving area...
  9. DebojitGotBadDVD


    Yaar, anyone aware of the internet shocker called Goatse? (wiki it) It's the W.O.R.S.T thing I've come across on the internet.......... Goodness me! (Warning: NSFW & highly disturbing).
  10. S

    Linux uninstallation ! Help!!

    I recently loaded fedora core in my system. But since i m amatuer i unable to figure that OS out :( How can i uninstall it if i want to without disturbing MBR ? Boot loader is GRUB.
  11. mediator

    FC4 over FC3 ..............how????

    I have this FC3 installed with a lotta valuable stuff and i cant even think of erasing the FC3 partitions! So is there any way to install Fc4 over Fc3 without disturbing the installed programs and data....like we do in windows when installing Me over 98??
  12. K

    Can I have my old XP settings in a new installation?

    I am having ME in C: and XP in D:. I am planning to format D: and install XP freshly. Can I take my old settings to the new installation? If yes, how to? I also have a second instalattion of XP in d: itself. How to erase it without disturbing the old installation? (Old is in d:\winnt and...
  13. V

    Mobile Number

    can i get more information about mobile number? Atleast the provider and the city. This number have been disturbing my sleep with miss calls. Number : 9324368706
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