No Thermal Paste !!

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Can anybody plz help me out with my doubt regarding thermal paste and core 2 duo? I got this E6300 (1.86Ghz) the box pack which came with a thermal heat sink.When i installed the chip and heatsink i didnt apply any thermal paste on my own.Is it alright to use it this way? I dont plan to overclock.I got intel DG965RY board.When i check with the Intel Desktop Utilities Monitor the temperature of Core is shown as -40C(relative temp) and motherboard temp around 50C.Is that normal?


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But ur mobo temp seems to be high. Dun really know bout C2D mobos. My mobo temp has never exceeded 40c even at full load.
Does ur mobo chip has a fan on heatsink?


nforce chipsets are cooler compared to VIA and intel now-a-days.. the temp. is fine and maybe his BIOS is giving some wrong info. as it many times happen in INTEL boards until you update your BIOS...


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thx guys for replyin so fast!

The software shows me 5 temps

The zones specified by the intel are shown below

let me know what u guys infer from this!!


cud be m/b problem, i had problem in Intel DG965WH & P4 3.06 procy.

the CPU Heat sink randomly got really hot, otherwise i can directly touch the CPU heat sink & the tem was very low (heat sink wud remain warm but not hot).

the chipset heat sink was always REALLY HOT.

RAM stayed warm all time.

i faced this HOT problem:D only in this new dg965wh m/b.

in my present ASUS 915g m/b, every thing is warm (not hot), after some gaming sumtimes i touch the cpu (same procy) & chipset heat sink (did this to make sure cpu was fine), they remain warm, especially the procy.

(i cudnt use a s/f for random temp. logging as i cudnt find one supporting XP Pro (non sp2).:(


thanks shantanu, but i De-Graded :D my system to good ol' ASUS 915 & GMA900:D

so now i dont have any problems at all.

Thanks a lot to HP for making such a trouble free system:)

i had terrible time with that dg965wh m/b, you know very well about "my Adventures":D:D:D

to tell you the truth, this GMA900 gave more FPS (frame-per-sec) :D:D:D than GMA 3000 or the intel claimed GMA X3000 :x
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