New PC Suggestions! HALP!

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Guys, I need to get a new PC in 25k.

Here's what I have thought of so far-

Intel Dual Core 2.5 GHz E5200 - 3375
Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H - 3350
Corsair DDR 2 CM2X2048-6400C5 - 1550
Western Digital 1 TB SATA HDD 32 MB Buffer - 4500
Samsung 933SN 18.5" LCD - 6900
Altec Lansing BXR1120 2.0 Speakers - 650 OR Creative SBS 245 - 500
Logitech / MS Mouse + Keyboard - 700
Zebronics Bijli / Aroma + 400W PSU - 1650/1100

I've also considered
Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2HP AMD 780G+SB700 - 4775
Athlon 64 X2 7750+ BE 2.7GHz 3MB L2 - 3575

instead of the Intel combo and am still divided between the two.
E5200 overclocks better than the 7750BE but 780G is luring me towards the AMD combo.
But maybe I will get a better mobo in about 6-7 months and a graphic card as well.
Also AMD - 8350 and Intel combo - 6725 so am planning to go with the Intel combo only.

Maybe instead of both, I could get a Gigabyte G31 for 2400 and E5200 for 3375 and a Palit 9400GT

512 MB for 2400. That works out to be 8100, cheaper than the AMD combo. What say?

Comment on this. Thanks.

Prices from


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Intel Dual Core 2.5 GHz E5200 - 3450
Asus P5KPL-CM/E - 2425
Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5 (2 X 2GB)- 3150
Western Digital 1 TB SATA HDD 32 MB Buffer - 4500
Dell 1909 19" LCD - 7200
Altec Lansing BXR1120 2.0 Speakers - 800
Logitech / MS Mouse + Keyboard - 700
Samsung 22X SATA SH-223F DVD RW - 1200
Zotac 9400GT 512 MB - 2500
Zebronics Bijli + 400W PSU - 1650

Total: ~26k.

This is what I am getting mostly. Any suggestions?


i would suggest

If looking for on board GFX try (also it will be a HELL LOT OF POWER MACHINE)
The new
Phenom II x2 550
Gigabyte 780g us2h / biostar 790 Mobo..

Phenom will be a good overclocker can check websites

I personally opt for E5200 + G31 (DES version) + any stupid gfx card (depends on usage)
Just because of Power consumption is known


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Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H - 3350 , nice pricing for the mobo.
If you have to run your system for very very long hours get the intel, its more energy efficient, otherwise allway for the AMD config, better mobo in lesser price.
instead of 9400GT check HD4350

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my suggestion :

Dual Core E5200
Asus P5KPL-E(but I don't think it is 2.4k)
Transcend JetRam 2x2GB 800MHz@2.4k(overclocks a lot better than Corsair XMS2 kit)
AOC 917Fwx XHD 19" LCD@6.8-7k or Samsung 2033SW 20" LCD@7.5k
Altec Lancing BXR 1121 2.1 speakers@1.2-1.3k or Logitech X210 @1.5k

rest as u hav posted...wait for sometime and make budget for a gud mid range grfx card :)
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Okie, will get Transcend Jetram then.

How's the AOC 22'' 2216 SW for 9.4k? And are there any problems with the Dell 1909?

@blackbird, will check it out as well.


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in my view dear dont go for amd pros k,,, it's my own experience after seing around 4-5 hundred systems theat they heat up quickly and then lead to disasters.. go for latest highest end intel pro ,,, in ur budget


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@t_rex17. ROFLMAO.

that means you are not installing them in proper way. Why didn't my AMD processor Athlon 64 heat up even after 3yrs of 500MHz overclocking and gaming.

Clearly, finger points to you. Learn how to install processor and then talk!!!!


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First 7750BE is really bad in overclocking.
Second, yes 780G is tempting and you can get similar performance with G31+9500GT.
Dell 1909 is very good model, but as per latest updates, Dell is not shipping monitors to India it seems. Check with Dell. A 22" will have definite advantage and is worth the extra 2k (over 19")

j1n M@tt

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AOC F22 Fovi is a gud model and similar to Samsung 2233SW in performance, but looks damn cool :D

ya all PII 550BE hav 2 cores hidden but we can't guess whether they are defective ones or gud's all about luck, same with E5200..not all of these chips are good OC'ers.
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Take a look at Benq2412HD - under 13k 23.6" monitor full hd resolution. Else E2200HD around 9k - fullHD.

Buy Q8200/ E5200 / E7300 (depending upon ur budget).
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H - just because its ATX. And most others are micro-atx.
RAM - any 800mhz RAM
HDD - my choice would be Seagate 7200.11 1 TB
video card - 9600GT PALIT


AMD PII 550 - ( We can unlock with the new models )
Gigabyte MA78GM-US2H / Biostar 790gx - 4.8K (BTW biostar i never trust - but its used to unlock the cores )
Transcend Jetram
AOC F22 Fovi (also) look for Benq G2220HD (But considering samsung /Dell will good in quality )

The rest is ur wish !!


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@t_rex17.. you might wanna check out the SHOW OFF thread in the Chit-Chat section where I overclocked AMD 720 BE processor upto 3.6 GHz from 2.8 GHz and the temperature was around 43 degrees celcius.. and you really need to update your views on AMD processors..

@pathik bhai...
AMD Phenom II 550 BE is THE BEST in your budget..
Biostar TA790GXBE and if you want crossfire then Jetway HA 07 Ultra (the best)
and AOC F22 LCD (i'm loving it, its a looker) for 9.5k only, 1080p res...

Good luck on unlocking the cores.. you might wanna research the internet on that.. go for ASRock board.. Tomshardware has a nice review of that board and unlocking the cores using it.. search for it..

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the new BIOS doesn't support unlocking of cores...hav to use old BIOS version if needed to unlock them
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