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  1. R

    [Praise] Got Sapphire HD 7850 as a replacement.

    Hey all Yesterday i got a brand new Sapphire HD 7850 1GB as a replacement for my faulty Sapphire HD 6850.:hyper: Service centre was Aditya Infotech Chandigarh. Now I need to upgrade my E5200 cause it's causing some serious bottleneck. :banghead:
  2. S

    Buying Advice for Intel E5200

    Hello, guys. Before starting i am very new to Over clocking. So i want to know which motherboard is good for OC'ing Intel Dual Core E5200. I Hereby post my Configuration. Processor - Intel Dual Core - E5200 @ 2.5Ghz Motherboard - Intel DG31PR Ram - Kingston 2GB DDR2 Graphics Card - Nvidia...
  3. M

    Motherboard for Intel E5200

    Friends Please suggest me a good mother board for my Intel E5200, budeget up to Rs 3000- thanks Suresh m
  4. R

    [Solved] CPU-Z showing only 1 core in E5200

    hey guyz i have a bit unusual problem softwares like CPU-Z,Nvidia System Monitor and easy tune all are displaying only 1 core in my E5200......what does that mean????
  5. lethalweaponforever

    OCing an Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200

    Hey, I was wondering if i can overclock my Intel Dual Core E5200 and if possible, upto what clock speed would I be able to push it..... I've got the E5200 sitting on Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L motherboard 2Gb + 1Gb of DDR2-800 Ram... and a meager 400W Zebronics power supply As of now I'm using...
  6. Pathik

    New PC Suggestions! HALP!

    Guys, I need to get a new PC in 25k. Here's what I have thought of so far- Intel Dual Core 2.5 GHz E5200 - 3375 Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H - 3350 Corsair DDR 2 CM2X2048-6400C5 - 1550 Western Digital 1 TB SATA HDD 32 MB Buffer - 4500 Samsung 933SN 18.5" LCD - 6900 Altec Lansing BXR1120 2.0...
  7. furious_gamer

    Let me know whether a E5200 will beat E6600?

    Yes guys, i am about to buy a E6600(used) from TE and just want to know whether a E5200 will able to beat E6600? Even though E5200 has half-of-cache of E6600, some guys told me that it easily beats E6600? How come this possible? Will the use of extra 2MB of cache's shown in games? Please clear...
  8. dinesh_ddt

    upgrade @ 15k

    hello im gonna upgrade my p4 pc with a budget of 15k.. plz provide me various options...:p i want a gaming system and it must be new enough for 4 years atleast(in terms of hardware;)).. i want it to support windows 7 too..!! :D:D i thought of.... Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 - Rs. 3500/-...
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