1. Piyush

    A monitor related problem

    I have this annoying problem past few months which Im not able to fix. First of all my pc specs AMD Athlon II X4 635 (very old I know, will change the whole setup soon)- 5 yr old MSI 880gma- 5yr old (RMA'd and replaced once) Sapphire R7 265 2gb - 2 yr old Corsair 1*8gb 1600- less than 1 yr...
  2. desai_amogh

    FHD question, vga vs hdmi

    Guys, What i understand is hdmi will work on vga but will be analog and less quality than hdmi which is digital. Am I right? I am not a gamer. Recently ordered a FHD display and will use it for normal work and watching movies sometimes. My mobo doesn't support hdmi and only has vga. Is...
  3. desai_amogh

    FHD Monitor buying advise

    Looking for a decent branded FHD monitor. 1. Budget? < 8K 2. Display type and size? ~21.5 Inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? As a desktop monitor, watch full HD movies, use with Pine64/Raspberry pi like SBCs 4. Ports Required? HDMI IS A MUST, 1 VGA port will really help. 5...
  4. A

    Use LED TV as monitor but connect it wireless

    I want to use my LG 32LS4600 TV as monitor. But problem is that I want to make wireless connection. My old computer has VGA port, USB ports (Gigabyte G41m combo mobo). For TV ports check image. 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, 1 VGA etc
  5. T

    Help! need a hdmi to vga converter

    Hello friend's. One of my friend recently brought a lenovo dual core cpu from a local store and he want's to connect it to his 40" hdtv which lacks vga as his lenovo cpu doesn't had a hdmi port.. Please suggest a conector
  6. P

    No vga on gpu

    Hi guys my pc has a nvidia gtx 650ti boost gpu which has a Hdmi Displayport Dvi d dual link Dvi i dual link Now,i would like to connect 3 vga monitors to the same. I have a hdmi to vga adapter, But cant seem to find any other type of adapters. Any options?
  7. B

    Query about dell s2240l

    I'm looking to buy the s2240l full HD monitor, but it comes only with hdmi and VGA ports. The monitor comes with VGA cable In the box. Will there be any quality difference while watching hd movies through VGA port compared to hdmi? Any suggestions. Note: my gpu supports both hdmi and VGA
  8. C

    Monitor not going to sleep mode after using HDMI cable

    Recently i changed my monitor cable from VGA to HDMI. After this, when i shut down PC, i get "No cable connected" error message and a blue screen. Because of this, i have to turn off power to monitor after shutting down PC. Monitor : BenQ V2410 LED. Motherboard Asus X58...
  9. A

    looking to buy a projector

    First of all, I am not sure if this is the right forum category for this question. I would like to buy a LED projector within Rs.10,000 which can connect to my VGA PC so that I can project movies on my wall. There are few products on the internet for the same like 1. LED Entertainment cum...
  10. S

    Sharing single monitor

    Plan to share my single monitor to "Two" cpus by using this product High Resolution 2port VGA switch 2 in 1 vga sharer Is this ok or any other alternative available ?
  11. A

    Motherboard VGA and Graphics Card will still perform?

    my mother board is asus P8H77-V I RECENTLY BOUGHT SAPPHIRE R9 290 TRI X the prob is my display has VGA connecter So is it possible to connect my display to motherboard vga and still use the graphics card? through bios options? i don know. and what is UEFI i noted UEFI on my motherboard and...
  12. tanmaymohan

    8400GS Problematic Display

    I am using Palit 8400GS 512MB GPu for around a year but now I am facing this problem. ON boot The Monitor displays just lines and lines and nothing else. The Intel HD2000 VGA port works fine though for the time being. What can be the cause?
  13. U

    Graphic card troubles

    Hello Friends, Before i explain the problem, here is my PC configuration Asus F2A85-M Motherboard AMD A10 Processor RAM - 8 GB (4*2) Corsair Value RAM 64 GB Kingston SATA 2 SSD (as boot drive) WD 500 GB SATA 3 HDD Antec VP450P SMPS XFX AMD Radeon HD 6670 1 GB DDR5 graphic card Dell...
  14. TheMost

    Convert VGA to RCA

    Hello people. I want to connect my PC to my old TV for playing games and watch some movies. My computer has the following outputs I am currently using the VGA for my monitor. Now i want to hook my PC to my old TV My Tv has the following input only. I think it is RCA (i use...
  15. D

    Need a good graphics card under 2500-2600 for Ubuntu.

    Hi, after having a horrible experience with integrated radeon 4250 (everything in Linux is choppy), I want to buy a cheap NVidia card that will run Unity and KDE well with all desktop effects and playing snes games in emulation @ 1440x900 and light gaming with source games like Half-Life 2. My...
  16. P

    No Display after HD 7750 inserted?

    Guys, a problem here. I just bought an Antec VP450P smps and a new Power Color HD7750 1GB DDr5. I brought them home, installed the SMPS first, started the PC and it worked like it should. (that means smps correctly installed) And then I opened up the gfx card, plugged in the PCIe, connected the...
  17. ankush28

    [Complaint] Neo dynamic computers WORST EXPIERIANCE

    Please dont go to dynamic computers they will confuse you and just try to get the most money that they can make Sorry for any typo or english mistake! On 26 june 2013 I went to Lamington to buy my new PC and got an worst experience about lamington road. First checked prices at primeabgb...
  18. I

    Assembling a cheap mini PC to use as a media center.

    I want to assemble a mini PC , to use as a media center .mostly to run XBMC (xbox media center app ). i would like to go for a mini pc because of the small size 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: Play movies , bit of...
  19. O

    gpu cooler

    hii where can I buy aftermarket vga cooler in pune/Mumbai for hd 7950
  20. CommanderShawnzer

    Is my old Monitor salvageable?

    Well,i have an old Hp vp17 monitor my parents had bought this along with my old PC when i was a kid in 2007, unfortunately the rig died in 2008 due to a "virus" attempts to repair it were unsuccessful so it gathered dust in a corner of my house,unused for about 6 years two years ago i tried...
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