need some advice

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free as a bird
my friend need to buy a system for himself budget is 25k.
i have already selected this hardware component need advice on others

procy c2d E2180
mother bd abit IP35 E off limits
hdd seagate 250gb
ram 2 gb transcend 800 mhz
writer lg h 55n
need suggestion on this

lcd 19"
gfx entry level
cabinet and power supply



EXIT: DATA Junkyard
17" widescreen perfromers from LG @ 8k and ViewSOnic @ 8.5k

19" Viewsonic 1916 @ 9.2k
1930 @ 10.4k


EXIT: DATA Junkyard
17"chers have res. I'm not sure;

But the 1930 is much much better than 1912 at image contrast quality blah blah..
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