1. Preksha

    Laptop Purchase Advice | Lightweight, 5+ hrs Battery, SSD, Win10

    Dear Forum Experts, Request to help me with an appropriate laptop selection - Requirements - What is your budget? --> Max 60-65k INR What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? --> Thin and Light 12" - 14" screen What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this...
  2. A

    Desperately Need OLED/LED TV

    I understand that there are certain factors to keep in mind while purchasing the TV. I'm listing some (pardon the ones skipped, please add those in the comments) with their details relevant to me under : Viewing Distance : 8-10 feet (2.3 - 3 meters). I believe a screen size anywhere between...
  3. Ratul Upadhyay

    Full HD/4K TV | Non-Smart | Under 60k

    1. Budget? Under 60k, can be extended by 10-20k if there's something out there that can't be missed out on. 2. Display type and size? Full HD or 4K, I can use your recommendations on use cases and future proofing. Preferably, not less than 49 inches, my current (now broken) LG one was a 42 inch...
  4. G

    Need good tripod for mobile? - please advice

    Hello, to all of you. How are you? I am searching a good tripod for mobile, with which I can use the Mobile for recording stable videos? Please advice good one, also please let me know if any one with External Mic.Hope to see reply soon.Thank You. Regards, GEEK_LEARNS
  5. S

    Buying Advice Reqd : 40" LED SMART TV

    Hi all, Require buying advice for TV. Details required as per questionnaire are as follows :- 1. Budget? <50k 2. Display type and size? 40" SMART LED (Android OS preferable) 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? TV viewing at home. Tatasky, Youtube, Netflix, Movie streaming from laptop,etc...
  6. windchimes

    Urgent - Need a phone in 5000/6000 range which supports Jio

    Hi, This is for an urgent need. Can anyone suggest a good 4G phone that can support Jio and costs INR 5000 MAXIMUM ( + 1000 ( if its worth investing).)
  7. G

    Buying advice needed - need 4 tb external hdd from some good brand?

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy 4 TB External Hdd preferably desktop Version hdd, the confusion is that for which Brand should I go for? Should I go for WD MY BOOK or Should I go for Seagate? I've heard that WD is creating problems these days, although I've used the WD products.Please...
  8. A

    Request Feedback on Xiaomi Mi Max

    1. Budget? - Rs. 15,000 2. Display type and size? - IPS LED / AMOLED- Minimum 5.5 inches 3. Dual sim? - Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand?- No preferences. After Sales Service is the main concern 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? - With Flash. Decent front and back...
  9. M

    Need your advice !

    Hi Everyone, Need your advice !! I am facing overheating issue in my current rig so planning to upgrade my system under 20k (Intel processor and motherboard (not asus) . Please suggest my if it is possible.thanks Use : Video rendering and 3d animation work My rig : Amd...
  10. esumitkumar

    General Query ordering Mi4 from ..need advice..hows this site ?

    Hi Guys I am thinking of buying Mi4 from this site since india model doesnt have LTE..Hows the site ..anybody ordered from it..need advice TIA Sumit
  11. C

    Wifi range extender for BSNL nokia siemens wireless router

    Hi everyone, I need advice on buying a good wifi range extender for BSNL nokia siemens wireless router. Please advice with make, model and set up guide. Just FYI, I am a non-technical guy so excuse me for silly mistakes.
  12. D

    Buying advice or a Monochrome Laser printer under 4k

    Kindly advice on a monochrome laser printer under 4k. I just need it to for printing out text. Also it should have minimum refill cost. Please advise.
  13. S

    Laptop buying advice

    I want to buy one laptop. My budget is 25000 not more than it. please suggest .
  14. Nerevarine

    Looking for a good quality powerstrip

    Im looking for a powerstrip that has -atleast 4 ports -good quality -under Rs 1000 -optional - would be nice to have usb ports :D any advice on what I should buy, thanks in advance
  15. F

    42+ inch led TV advice

    Hello friends Pls help me buy 42+ inch led TV.. 1. Budget= 50k 2. Display type and size= led 42+ 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor=tv 4. Ports Required=min 2 HDMI and 2 usb. Ethernet preferred(not compulsory) 5. Preferred choice of brand=LG 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration=LG LF436300 7...
  16. I

    Second Hand Washing Machine Buying Advice Please

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying a second hand washing machine. I had a very old (about 10 years or more) front loading fully automatic IFB and have realised that a washing machine is essentially a money sink. So to save upfront costs I am thinking of buying a second hand one. However, I am...
  17. R

    New headphones with mic for gaming

    I am planning to buy new headphones with mic for gaming. My budget is around Rs 6K. I came across one model, Steelseries Raw Prism Headset and was planning to buy them. So i wanted some advice on how good this set is. So please give me some advice.
  18. A

    Parts decided - Please advice if they are compatible.

    Hi guys, I have decided to buy the following parts for my mid budget gaming PC. Graphic card is not included as I am going to buy a good graphic card in next two months and dont want to compromise on it by buying now .. :) Also I already have a Dell S2240L monitor 24 inch -- 1920 x 1080 at 60...
  19. savithk

    Ram upgrade Queries

    some advice ....iam looking Ram upgrade .....My ASUS M4N68T-M-V2 Motherboard only 2 DIMM slot for max only 8 GB DDR3 RAM support Motherboards - M4N68T-M V2 - ASUS should i go for this DDR3 RAM Buy Corsair CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9 Vengeance 4GB Single Module DDR3 Memory Kit Online...
  20. savithk

    Need advice for 2/3TB HDD

    i need some advice for 2/3 TB HDD upgrade ....this my pc motherboard link Motherboards - M4N68T-M V2 - ASUS please advice this motherboard is compatible for any 2/3 TB HDD .....???? or should i go for specific HDD model
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