1. Aravind Ram

    Transcend Micro SD Card Corrupted

    Hi. I have a 16 GB Class 10 Transcend Micro SD HC Card. I use it in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Android device. I was copying files from my sd card to my laptop and then I deleted some photos from my sd card in bulk (around 2 GB). But the deletion speed was very slow and when the process was...
  2. quicky008

    Using ECC memory modules on a standard motherboard

    Recently i found a seller on ebay who was offering Dell branded 4gb ECC server DDR2-667 mhz PC2-5300 modules for quite a reasonable price.I have an older system with an ASrock g41 motherboard that supports ddr2 memory-the manual for this motherboard states in clear terms that it supports DDR2...
  3. I

    Transcend's DrivePro Car Video Recorders: Drive Safer with a Reliable Eyewitness

    Bangalore, India, July 25th , 2016 - Transcend Information, Inc. a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is proud to announce the complete DrivePro Car Video Recorder series, including the DrivePro 50, DrivePro 100, DrivePro 200, DrivePro 220, and DrivePro 520. Day or night...
  4. B

    Transcend Debuts SSD220S Solid-State Drive for India Market

    Source: Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend ), a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is proud to announce the availability of its high-performance solid-state drive for system builders...
  5. B

    Transcend with APR Unicorn, a step to deepen the roots in India

    Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is proud to announce its partnership with APR Unicorn to further widen its presence in the region following its entry into the market. With this partnership, Transcend's lineup of Apple product...
  6. B

    Transcend’s Compact DrivePro 50 offers some great features

    Source: Transcend DrivePro 50 with F/1.8 lens and built-in WiFi launched | The Indian Expres Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, today proudly announced the release of its DrivePro 50 Car Video Recorder. Featuring an extremely...
  7. B

    Transcend’s StoreJet Cloud Allows Mobile Access and Sharing Anytime, Anywhere

    Transcend Information, Inc., a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is proud to announce the release of its brand new StoreJet Cloud 110 and StoreJet Cloud 210 Personal Cloud Storage products. Featuring anywhere access and sharing, automatic data backup, and media streaming...
  8. B

    Transcend Wins COMPUTEX Best Choice Award 2016

    Transcend Information, a worldwide leader in storage, multimedia and industrial products, is proud to announce that its industrial-grade SuperMLC SSD510K and the DriveProTM Body 20 body camera were awarded the “Best Choice Award 2016” out of nearly 400 entries for top design quality and...
  9. M

    Transcend DrivePro 520 with dual camera for both front and back safety

    Just the other day, I read about a major road accident near my house. Apparently an unruly cab driver jumped a red signal at a very busy junction. This was only one of those many incidents that we come across on a daily basis while we are on the road. As a father of two children, safety has...
  10. J

    Suggestion for upgrading memory

    Hi All, I own gigabyte ga-ma785gmt-ud2h mobo / AMD Athlon II X4 620 processor 2.60 GHz with Transcend 2GB DDR3 1333 DIMM CL9 memory stick. Now i would like to upgrade it to 10GB to run vmware images. I am planning to purchase it from Flipkart. Please suggest what are the key things i need to...
  11. swatkats

    [For Sale] Procy | Ram | Mobo | PSU > Have a look!

    Procy | Mobo Expected Price: Rs 3400 Source and Time of Purchase: 20/10/08, Memory sticks in 2010. Reason for Sale: No Need RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition: 3/5. Purchase Invoice Available: No Company official Indian warranty...
  12. Ronnie012

    Help needed in deciding 1 TB External HDD

    So my laptop space is on the verge of running out and I'm on the lookout for a 1 TB External HDD. I already own a Transcend 500 GB EHdd. Here's what I want it to be = a) Tough (Should be able to withstand a few drops-I have accidentally dropped my Transcend numerous times and it still runs...
  13. iittopper

    [Complaint] Transcend horrible RMA

    So after 1 year of use , my transcend storejet 1 TB got damaged . After dozens of phone call to accel frontline and supertron electronic , i found tha accel handles Transcend hard disk RMA while supertron handles transcend pendrives . Went to nehru place , Delhi , to submit my HDD . The guy...
  14. The Incinerator

    [Views] Terrible Transcend

    I have been running pillar to post to buy the Transcend Storejet 35U3 and just couldnt find any at any store across Kolkata. I tried all the well knowns at GC Avenue but nobody has it and their so called Distributor never returns any favourable answer to the calls made by dealers.So I finally...
  15. Nerevarine

    Discussion: Counterfeit products : Transcend/Kingston RAM

    I have found out that many sellers, have been selling counterfeit transcend , kingston RAM.. Snapdeal already gave refund on a similar counterfeit product but this time I tried .. I ordered one from a reputed seller (5 petals) to check if they sell genuine ones before ordering a full...
  16. K

    transcend 32 gb micro SDHC

    I have purchase transcend 32gb SDHC micro class 4 before 3 months but today its not working properly having error not dedect SD card
  17. ashs1

    Transcend Pendrive RMA

    Hi guys :) I once again need your help. 1) My 4.5 months old transcend pendrive has suddenly stopped working since yesterday. Whenever i insetr the pendrive, it shows "Removable Disk" instead of the name assigned & when i open/explore it, i t says " please insert a disk into Removable...
  18. C

    Cheap ssd- Transcend or ADATA??

    Ok, so my old 160gb HDD is on it's way out, and I'm thinking of buying an SSD to use it as my boot drive. Budget-4800, not a penny more. So far I've found these two to be within my budget... ADATA Premier Pro SP600 128 GB Internal Hard Drive - ADATA: and Transcend 128 GB...
  19. dashing.sujay

    Any feedback for Transcend StoreJet ext HDD ?

    Title says it all. Was looking to buy it due to the sole reason of millitary ruggedness (not to forget it's cheaper...
  20. mrinmoy

    Transcend service center in Kolkata

    Can anybody tell me, where is the service center for transcend pendrives? I googled and most link says Accel Frontline. I called them and they says that they does not give service for transcend pendrives. Also there is no info in transcend India website.:-x
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