Need help with Magic ISO.

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I'm confused and frustrated...and all I have to show for my efforts are several coasters.

I downloaded a UIF file. I opened it in Magic ISO and was able to convert it into an ISO file (at least that's what it said it did.) I tried burning that, but when the pc reads the disc all that appears is a file type of "MagicISO Document." When I try and launch that it just brings up the Magic ISO program. So then I double clicked on that file in MagicISO, and after a long wait it looks like it extracted all the files and folders from the original file. But when I try and burn a CD to include these files it goes through the whole burn procedure, but the resulting disc only has a quarter of an inch or so burned, and it's unreadable. The program I'm trying to burn is about 600mb so that's obviously not right. I've tried to follow the Magic ISO tutorials online but that's not helping me either. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.


wat program has been associated to open ISO files?

do 1 thin cre8 d ISO usin MagicISO and keep d ISO in any given locaition on ur HDD (obviously ;))

den fire up NERO [assumin u usin it 2 burn stuff on2 ur disks]

and den follow d instructions HERE ;)
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