1. z3rO

    Barracuda (7200.12) not recognized in BIOS. HDD doesn't spin up.

    Device - Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 Model - ST3500418AS P/N - 9SL142-300 It isn't getting recognized by the BIOS. It doesn't spin at all. So I was removed the PCB to check for burn signs. I didn't find any burn marks but underside of the PCB had some sort of fungus growing on them. What...
  2. ajayritik

    Need a software to burn CD/DVD.

    I need a burning software to burn my CD's/DVD's. Earlier I used Nero. If it's Freeware it will be good but somehow I prefer Nero. Which is the latest version for Nero?
  3. K

    How to burn in to new speaker system

    I bought a new Edifier C2 speaker system yesterday for my PC+TV. I would like to know how I should burn in to the new speakers. Please recommend.
  4. prttal

    Making an Audio DVD

    I am using my music system(SONY 8yrs old). It can play cds but only audio cds, not data cds with mp3 files. So, I hooked up my DVD player through the audio in so that I could play through my system simultaneously being able to use data cds and dvds. It is not connected to any screen/TV/monitor...
  5. M

    burn in doubts

    hello , i purchased soundmagic E10 yesterday. i was wondering about the burn in period. 1. how much burn in time should i give these per day .. can i give them 9-10 hours per day to burn ?? 2.can i listen to the new earphones stright away for longer periods..like 8-9 hours a day?? 3. for...
  6. Nerevarine

    [Query] ASUS DVD Writer

    I opted for ASUS DRW24B5ST DVD RW because it has excellent reviews but now my drive fails to write DVDs.. IT does burn but after the burn the DVDs show up as empty.. It is only 3 months old.. I dont have much experience in RMA Procedures, so what should I do now ?? There are 3 service centers...
  7. A

    SoundMagic ES18

    Hello Guys today i got my SM ES18 Pair for me Bass is low i do not why but voice is very clear so i have to burn it or not ?
  8. J

    how to burn DVD to play in DVD player

    I have to burn Photo and video files in my PC. I burned with different softwares and get only video and not audio while playing in DVD player . Please guide me to burn photo & video/or video files to DVD-R and play in any DVD PLAYER.
  9. root.king

    How To Finalize data DVD-D

    guys i'm using nero 10 as my burning program. Once in the middel of the burning procces power gone . And now that dvd-r showing that 'no data' in it but even i cant burn any data in it so how can i finalize it. Plz help me guys i have some importent office files in it and i cant loose it in any...
  10. Sarath

    Movie making software suggestions

    I need a good free or paid (>2-4k) Movie making software. I have no idea about the current offerings. I have close to ~200GB of 1080p/i and 720 p/i video files from my vacation and need a good software to organise, label, title and burn them (or maybe leave them on the PC) EDIT: Its only...
  11. A

    DVD Burning Issue

    Hi guys I have just purchased a new LG GH24NS70.. to burn disc i am using moser baer blank dvd. So far i have tried to burn 3 blank dvd's all divx movies. It shows that the dvd is created succesfully but when i try to play in all 3 disc it has made the same error out of 5-6 movies that burnt...
  12. R

    Problem in lg optical drive

    I have a lg DVD-rw drive.whenever i copy a thing from a dvd or cd it shows that it have been copied successfully but when i run it it shows that the source file was corrupt.i also brought a new lg drive on warranty but still the problem persists.but when i try to install or run it directly from...
  13. S

    burn dvd from avi,flv files so that dvd player can play in tv

    Hi friends, how can i burn a dvd from avi,dat,flv format vodeo files so that my dvd player can play it with tv
  14. B

    Errors during burning a CD/DVD

    Hi Guys, The problem with my computer is that whenever i try to burn (using nero 8) any dvd of 4.7GB of any brand(mostly i use sony or moserbaer) an error message gets on the display saying "Burn process failed" and "failed to complete Disk-at-once" ; but whenever i do it on a 8.5GB blank dvd...
  15. kool

    how can i burn LINUX, XP on same DVD..?

    Hi guys, I want to burn LINUX-MINT, UBUNTU on single DVD. And bootable, how is it possible..??? I've MagicIso s/w. 2nd question, How can i burn win7 on DVD with my Personal folder in same DVD.???
  16. pauldmps

    Burning multiple .avi files to a single DVD.

    I have some movies in either .avi or .mkv format (each about 600 - 800 MB). The problem is whenever I try to burn them onto a single DVD using Nero Vision (DVD Player compatible mode), a single movie file tends to fill up the whole DVD. If I change the settings to "Super long play", at most two...
  17. ritvij

    dvd problemssssss.....

    Hey guys I downloaded a movie via bit torrent but the problem is i don't have a dvd writer.. how can i burn the avi file into two cd's. is it possible usiing nero??? Pls help..:idea::idea::idea::idea:
  18. D

    Unable to burn DVD's

    i am unable to burn dvd/cd on my burner, using a sony dvd rw rw-q28a. the burn process starts ok, continues for some time then i get a "burn process failed" report. Using nero to burn dvd's find below the error report. is it time to get a new burner? Error Report: Windows XP 5.1 IA32 WinAspi...
  19. IronCruz

    dual layer dvd

    i bought dual layer dvd for Rs 30/-. i want to burn 7+gb of data in it(not videos). does it take more than 1:30hr to burn? even when i burned normal dvd it took 1hr. is it the problem of nero?or my dvd writer?
  20. nihu

    Wants to Burn phtos on DVD playable on any DVD player

    Hi, I have to burn 616 photos of 1.34 Gb so that resultant DVD CAN BE PLAYED ON ANY dvd PLAYER.Nero has limitations for these much files.In Nero I have to burn more than one DVD.pl suggest me how can I burn these photos so slide show type dvd I can get. Thanks in advance.
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