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Need good graphics card under rs.8600

Desmond Gray

Right off the assembly line
Nfs series, assassins creed series, cod series, moh, etc......I have shrtlsted 2 cards xfx hd 7770 1gb ddr5 (rs.8600) & xfx gtx 650 1gb ddr5 (rs.7950).....Is hd 6850 better....Plz give some suggestions.....I m going to buy by march 19th...Thnx in advance..


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Ditch XFX if possible .. get Sapphire/MSI instead and HD7770 is what you should get now.


Wise Old Owl
HD 7770 is Much better and latest gen. Another vote for the HD 7770... Pls tell us which PSU you have and at Wat Resolution you are gonna game...


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XFX no!!!!!!!

go for MSI/Sapphire. Much better support. ;)

btw, hope you have a good PSU with a strong 12V rail. :)
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