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Hi Guys,
From the advice of this forum i have brought a sennheiser 180 when i was new to this for my ipod classic. it was superb and worth for the pay.
but now i brought a new samsung galaxy s2 but itseems the headphone s crappy i need to go with a better one like sennheiser but...
i need a good headphone with mic(if nothing suits i can go without MIC) for less then 1500Rs...
unfortunately i don't have my sennheiser now my bro took it away from me....

ADVICE ME PLEASE....:razz::razz::razz:


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Go for Siberia 3H Its a gaming headset but good response and good design(Rs 1600) also a MIC


hey i recently bought d logitech ue350vi for rs1890 frm was for my iphone4 coz it has d remote nd mic. Its worth every penny so if it wrks for d s2 u cn go for dat


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guys how abt Yamaha EPH-30..
I've already heard Sennheiser CX180 it was good but now i'm looking for another one then that if better than that i can spend for 500 more as 2000...


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I purchased the Sennheiser OMX180 for around 1800. Its an in-ear set of buds with supports around the ear. Amazing sound quality and clarity and worth the price of investment, IMO... No mic available on it, though...
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