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  1. A

    switch from dist tv to videocon

    i want to say bye to dish tv anfd switch to videocon HD,how can i do it. i still have abt Rs 2999.00 in my dish tv acct-when i spoke to dish v they say u can only transfer the amt to another dish tv provided both are same name connections-how should i do this.is videocon better in HD than dish...
  2. A

    Problem in new BSNL MODEM

    Hi guys i just brought a new BB 650UL connection. Brought Teracom Wi Fi modem TDSL300 from BSNL (i was NOOB). It getting warm after 2-3 hrs is that ok. No disconnection/broken link though. My another tension is that it doesnt has ANTENNA. is this matters. I didnt get any problem surfing the...
  3. N

    HTC Desire HD issue

    Hi, My boss tried to root his HTC Desire HD using this guide When i start the phone , its stuck at HTC logo screen with white background (its still same from last 40 min) Is there any way i can put stock ROM on this device ? I can confirm that recovery mode is working fine..so i think phone...
  4. S

    need advice

    Hi Guys, From the advice of this forum i have brought a sennheiser 180 when i was new to this for my ipod classic. it was superb and worth for the pay. but now i brought a new samsung galaxy s2 but itseems the headphone s crappy i need to go with a better one like sennheiser but... i need a...
  5. S

    Should I go for Dell XPS 15 core i3 ?

    I'd been researching laptops in the 40-45k segment and shortlisted the Lenovo z570 core i5 and inspiron 15r core i5. But I was really surprised when I found a Dell XPS 15 priced at 39k. But the system is an core i3 first gen version. Should I go for the superior build quality in the XPS or...
  6. A

    compaq v 3242 au laptop

    what price can i xpect for my compaq a 3242 au compaq laptop 120 gb 14.1 inch 1 gb ram vista home basic amd turion 2.2 ghz - i brought it for 33,000 in 2007-aim is to upgrade to a faster machine.the lap is otherwise is fully functional
  7. iinfi

    David Shepherd, 68, succumbs to cancer

    Source one of the worlds greatest umpires the world has ever seen .... may his soul rest in peace ... Dickie Bird was another all time great ... Bird, 76 is still alive ...
  8. sourishzzz1234


    Today morning when i started my PC 1st the folders took a lot of time to open and secondly when i restarted it gave an error message saying SYSTEM BOOT DISK FAILURE, PLEASE INSERT... i think my disk crashed...i brought this disk this year from TECHMAX, CHANDNI, KOLKATA...seagate 320GB now the...
  9. VarDOS

    WiFi On Mobile

    Hi Friends, I have brought NETGEAR DG834 V4 WiFi Router, I have Nokia 6600 Old Mobile...And I want to start WiFi On Mobile, is there any way to do so???
  10. raksrules

    The Dark Knight in IMAX ??????

    Guys see this... Its on Page 6 of today's Bombay Times.... AFAIK...the Wadala IMAX was brought down some time back... :confused: What IMAX are they referring to ??? :confused:
  11. soyab0007

    Motherboard Price

    I had brought an motherboard Nvidia NF 7050 MCP 73. Can anyone tell me the price because i had brought it at a price of 4500. Which i think expensive
  12. A

    Estimate: Asus P5GZ MX

    I have a 2 yr old ASUS P5GZ-MX box packed. Brought for 4500/- from Guwhati can ny1 estimate the price I'll get ?? Its unused.... kept in box eversince it was brought. Reason :- It dosen't support AMD processors.
  13. gaurav_indian

    Who were you in your last life?

    Who were you in your last life? :D :D http://www.thebigview.com/pastlife/ This is mine :mad:
  14. M

    brought china n95- my my experience and some doubts

    hi all, well, I have brought a full box piece china n95. its a 2 cam (front & back), bluetooth, wap, audio video player enabled device. its touch screen too, having a stylus. most mind blowing thing s, it can carry 2 sims at a time, both coverages will show on desktop . having 64mb micro mmc...
  15. R

    [req] logitech driver !!!

    i brought a logitech internet pro desktop combo [not cordless]. the driver cd contains the drivers for xp only. can anyone tell me where i can find the driver for vista ??? please help..........:( :( :( i could not find the product on logitech site too.
  16. H

    brought a ipod frm us nothing is working

    brought a iphone frm us nothing is working hey frds after so much hassle i brought a iphone 4 gb one frm us .but now nothing is working . nothing is working now can u plzz tell me my frds what to do how to unloach .. is there anyy way i can use gsm or cdma network ...
  17. linardni

    Price of Windows Vista in Kolkata

    What is the price of Windows Vista and Office 2007 in Kolkata & wherefrom may it be brought at reasonable cost?
  18. V

    New PC for multimedia projects and a bit of gamming.

    I just brought this one, love to here what u guys think about it. I havnt paid for it yet as i brought it from my friend...so..still Ive time to change the parts Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 Intel DG965SS Motherboard 1 x 2 GB DDR2 533 Mhz RAM 400 GB SATA HDD Sony DVDRW Leadteck nVida 7600GT 256 MB...
  19. praka123

    Brought XFX geforce7300 GT DDR-II-pls help me some doubts

    Brought XFX geforce7300 GT DDR-II dual dvi-pls help me some doubts I am yet to install my card thought to share with forum friends, I got exactly what the below link shows: a PCI-Express XFX Geforce 7300 GT with dual DVi...
  20. H

    http://www.neotech-computers.com/ for all the best prices its at andheri mumbai

    hey all hii . after searching for online best prices and good shop . i found this shop and also gives best prices and near to me too http://www.neotech-computers.com/ in this site it gives the prices also but i think yes prices r high in site as compared to going there...
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