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Mozilla Announces Release Date for Firefox 3 -- June 17th

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Why don't any of you understand that incompatibility with extensions is not the problem of Firefox! It is the author's responsibility to update them to match the current version of Firefox.

Don't blame Firefox for nothing. Also, you may try them in compatibility mode using Nightly Tester Tools.

Firefox works without a hitch on both OS's here using my extensions.


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^^yeah watever
how many videos havin real good content are on top in youtube ???

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I installed FF3 and right now I'm using it........am not facing any problems as suggested by others here, but think its Vista users mostly complaining.....in XP I feel much better than FF2


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^ same here , downloaded now and using it .
checked the site too , no problem , tested on my friends old p4 with 256 ram .
its working really good.
i don't know why many have problems.
there might be some problem with the site, as just now i tried it, mu cpu usage shot up to 60% and ram to 679mb and after closing the site now its cpu usage 7% and ram 650mb.


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ofcourse CPU usage shoot up visiting mathrubhumi site.but no crash here on Debian Linux 8) . I think @jinsu and @unni - flashplugin may be the cause :)


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One person in this entire country (anyone heard of it?) downloaded Firefox! :D


actually its showing 2 people in Chad now.

And only 79096 people downloaded FF3 in india while 258224 downloads in Iran and i thought India was atleast more developed than Iran. Or are they still updating that map.
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