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Motorola L6 ..USB connection Problem !!!

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hi fellas ... i hav a Moto L6 .. this thingy doent have extendible memory
and when i connect the USB cable to the comp ... this thingy starts getting charged ... so can any one tell me how to transfer data 'to and from' the phone ???? ...( i have already installed the USB driver)


Ya mobile phone tools doesn recognise moto L6.. i too face the same pro.. currently i use BT for transfer....


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if u wanna have transfers between u r pc..and L6...why dont u get bluetooth for...u r PC.. and have a hassle free transfers..without wires..though the speed will be quiet less than USB...
i think u can get a BT device for PC for around 150-200 bucks wonly...i hope u find my piece of info ..usefull..if u do then dont forget to press a small button called thanx...


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i think there is some other software like p2k tools etc... haveng tried it our.. someone with a fast internet connection can d/l that and try it


u go to motorola india website and download pc suite and necessary usb drivers under software section and install pc suite for l6 it will help to resolve u r problem



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