1. M

    Purchasing from experiences

    Hi, just wanted to know, has any one ordered from and got their package cleared without customs hassles ? Planning to purchase some hardware from there. I know that Import fee will be charged for the items, but still do i need to worry about customs ? I had a bad experience getting...
  2. ithehappy

    Suggest an AMP please

    I use an E11 now, absolutely LOVE it. But I need something better, something with better dynamism, and the most important thing has to be the battery life and charging mechanism. The E11 can't be charged while used, and that is the reason why I don't use it always even when I want to. I don't...
  3. kool

    BSNL bill of Rs.3000 :( for PLAN change [BBG 1445 ULD COMBO]

    Hi guys, I migrated from BB FN COMBO 500 (NU) to BB COMBO ULD 1445 on 23 June 2014. Today i got my bill for JUNE and its Rs.3000 :| From last 3 years i was getting bill Rs.1000-1200 for "FN combo 500" but why they have charged so high for migration ?? :|:| In JUNE bill, it showing BBG CNT COMBO...
  4. 2kool2btrue

    Getting processor and RAM from the US via a friend - Advice Needed!

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how much customs are charged if I get an i5-4570 and Kingston 4x2GB HyperX Blue RAM's from the US? A friend will be coming over soon so he will carry it along with him. I have two queries - 1) Is there a way to not being charged by custom officers in India...
  5. flyingcow

    Please help- BSNL giving weird messages, bug?

    Please help guys, today i opened my browser and opened youtube and i got redirected to a BSNL page saying that my bandwidth of 1GB was over and i will be charged from now on, where as my plan is unlimited. :shock: (4mbps till 8GB and 512 then on). Is this a bug? Or BSNL switched my plans due...
  6. Cool Buddy

    URGENT: Google deducted Rs. 100 without asking on my first app purchase

    I just purchased an app worth Rs. 129 from Google Play. I received 3 msgs from my credit card, one for Rs. 129 and 2 others for Rs. 50 each. The credit card shows unbilled transactions of Rs. 100 charged by google. This amount was charged totally without authorisation as the amount shown was...
  7. A

    dualshock 3

    i bought a new ps3 slim 320gb. i charged the dualshock for about 2-3 hours(first charge).usually the lights flashed during charging which is normal. at the end the lights stopped blinking. does it mean tht the controller is charged?And does the playstation logo on the front glow(like an led)...
  8. saurabhpatel

    Battery charging problem with Dell Venue

    Hi, My Dell Venue android phone has developed a strange problem. It battery gets charged only when the phone is switched off. Neither the USB is detected on laptop nor battery is charged when the phone is switched on. If anyone here knows what could have led to such a situation please help me...
  9. R

    BAttery NOT Charging!!

    Hello freinds!! I am using a nokia X3.It comes with a 860mh li-on BL-4CT battery. It was working fine for 2 years but from some days it is not charging. Even after keeping in charge for 7-8hrs it gets charged to a max of 20% only. So i have to give it charge 7-8 times a day now so i could...
  10. ico

    how quickly does Apple charge your card?

    I purchased Mountain Lion yesterday morning. My Debit Card has still not been charged. All it says is, Re. 1 to iTunes. (test transaction I guess) Instead, it should be saying some Rs. 1100~. So, does Apple take time to charge you? I haven't even received the receipt in my e-mail...
  11. M

    Will octroi be charged for this purchase?

    Planing to get ipad 3 from here New Apple iPad 3rd Gen 64GB Wifi + 4G / 3G Unlocked & Sealed IPAD 3 | eBay Have 10% discount coupon but worried about octroi if charged might blow 2.5k extra on delivery. So someone sure about it ? I stay in mumbai.
  12. pkkumarcool

    very unhappy with BSNL

    hey guys today a very disgusting thing happened i was using 3g data plan and only 40mb was left in my data balance... i just crossed 40mb(41.5mb used) and they charged me with 50rs wtf....50rs for 1.5 mb.i am very frustrated now....
  13. Sarath

    Fraudulent "service" subscription / activation discussion | | Airtel, Vodafone, Docomo, BSNL...

    Many of us face a similar situation, no matter where we live, which mobile carrier we use or how careful you are. This phenomenon unites us and makes sure every Indian in atleast one respect is treated equally. Subscription to some odd service you never subscribed to, never knew about and...
  14. fun2sh

    [Help] Charged for Rs 1807 as custom duty on 70$ item by FEDEX

    [Help] Charged for Rs 1807 as custom duty on 70$ IEM by FEDEX Hi, recently I purchased brainwavz M4 from mp4nation for 69.50$. BRAINWAVZ M4 with FiiO E6 & Free FedEx Priority Shipping [RAZSPC: BWAVZ-M4+E6+FEDEX] - $69.50 Now, today the delivery came with a bill of 1807 rs charged for...
  15. S

    laptop battery not detecte

    Hi, I've just got my laptop speakers changed. But since than, my laptop is not detecting the battery and showing a weird message on startup that battery will not be charged. The battery is not being detected and as soon as I pull out my charger, laptop just gets turned off immediately. What...
  16. Vyom

    Power tariff revised in Delhi, hike by upto 22%. CM justifies this increase.

    There's a reason to be worry for all power downloaders out here! 22 per Cent Hike in Electricity Tariff :( :( :( :( :( :(
  17. J

    Sethia Infotech, Chennai, CHEATING ??

    Guys... need help. Purchased two RAM sticks online from OCZ Vista Performance Gold DDR2 800MHZ. 2 sticks of 2 GB each. They charged Rs. 2,800 per stick, and added Rs. 224 as tax, and Rs. 75 as shipping. ON TOP OF IT they took 3% for credit card transaction.. I had to...
  18. Flashbang

    Exceedingly superb battery ???

    Hey guy's recently when I woke my laptop up from hibernation, I found the following message :- :shock::shock::shock::shock: It most have been from the last power cut since the battery wasn't charged.
  19. panacea_amc

    Aircell GPRS

    hello all, the place to which i have have been shifted recently has airtel and aircell network coverage. i want a Gprs plan to activate. Airtel is faster. but i heard that in prepaid, aircell gprs is Rs 98/month valid. with unlimited browsing. my querries are: 1. will i be able to use it in...
  20. jxcess3891

    N70 problem

    My mobile is acting a bit weird lately. whenever I make or receive phone calls I get an error saying "battery is low" and the phone restarts even though I've fully charged the phone. whenever I charge the phone I get a beep and it displays the phone being charged. so I assume there is nothing...
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