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  1. axes2t2

    Anyone wants 75% off steam coupon for Portal 2 ?

    If yay then put your steam names here and I will use the randomizer thingy to pick a winner.
  2. jeffrain123

    Games crashing

    HELP!!!! When I play games, it crashes after sometime during gameplay. Says that an error occured that caused it to be.........(u know) Then the error report thingy appears. This problem is constant.... What to do? These interruptions are getting 2 me...... HELP!!!!
  3. bodyquest

    am2\am2+ motherboard!

    HI! guys plz suggest a good motherboard to overclock a am2 cpu 4800+..... .....should have plenty of overclock options and should b stable.... .....future proof.....must support future batch of phenom am2+...that tlb-fixed thingy! .....should b under 5.5k! .....don't want sli\xfire..... .....ATX...
  4. gauravsuneja

    (req) compiz fusion like thingy for windows xp

    is there anything which we can use to get compiz fusion like effects on windows xp
  5. desai_amogh

    New in Box transcend ddr RAM 512MB

    with limited lifetime warrenty (conditions apply thingy) :D 1600 bucks with shipping anywhere in india..
  6. S

    Whats the street price of Nokia 6233 and its Music edition?...urgent

    I am going to get either of Nokia 6233 or Nokia 6233 music edition within 2-3 days.So,can anybody tell me what are the street prices of these two? Another thing is If i want to get the 6233 normal and the Music doc and extra 512 mb memory(i.e. whichis the difference between two phone),then...
  7. V

    Motorola L6 ..USB connection Problem !!!

    hi fellas ... i hav a Moto L6 .. this thingy doent have extendible memory and when i connect the USB cable to the comp ... this thingy starts getting charged ... so can any one tell me how to transfer data 'to and from' the phone ???? ...( i have already installed the USB driver)
  8. S

    web site

    guys, I am planning to start a site that allows user to upload any files into my server and allow any person to download those files. Firstly, will there be any kind of any problem, even if I say that my server acts as a temporary means of holding the data(actually forever). Can I put a kind of...
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