Master's in the US : A Guide


Great thread.

Request anyone in UK to make similar thread for Masters/MBA.

It will be great help to friends/family.


Thank you so much infra :D
I'm currently in my 3rd year of engineering.
I'm doing B.Tech in Engineering Physics and i was thinking of aiming for gre.
Your blog was very helpful and covered various aspects about the whole process.


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Thanks a lot for this study in United States information. I am also planning to do my M.S from USA and hence your guide on GRE and TOEFL would be useful.


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Hello dude,
I am doing IT engineering.. js done with my 5th sem ( i am hoping i have nicely cleared my previous backlog as well as this sem ). I will see to it that i dont get any backlog hereon.

I am an IT freak by nature. I am a geek for my friends. I have keen interest in software though hardware ( study wise ) is a bit messy for me , though i m good practically in it.

I plan to do further studies in IT / Computer Science
I am ready to put in any amount of hardwork required ( Be it GRE , or Be it MS or MTech )

What would you suggest for me ?

Doing job after my BE ( i have 1 and half yr to complete it ) , Doing MS , or Doing mtech in India ( Kindly explain all options , with things needed to do , future scope , advantage , disadvantage )

I am currently owner of a web designing firm too.. But i feel i have way to go..

Waiting for your response



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Some universities prefer individuals with work exp while other show bias for good academics.

I'd say get some experience in the field you are interested and then go for MS. But that's just my personal opinion.


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^ Thanks.. even i m considering it
But i plan giving gre this year itself ( my score will be valid for 3 yrs if i am right ) as i feel d earlier we give , d sharper our brain is at apti solving

If i get good campus placement , i will take the job and apply later for MS or straight to US

thatz my plan as of nw. i request u ppl to guide me

2 More questions

1.) I live in a small town , we dont get GRE books here that easily. I would request you to tell me some great GRE study material sources ( AS PER D NEW PATTERN ) , i dont plan joining any class as i dnt have a good one in my city.
BOOKS: Plz tell me the books to refer (I would be buying 1-2 of them for or other reputated online stores. I would appreciate if u can give the link to the book as i confused looking at 163 books in GRE section at flipkart)

2.) I am even planning GATE exam ( for Mtech in India ) It is totally technical and preparing for it is the other extreme direction than preparing for GRE. So a detailed guide on GATE vs GRE on scope , limitaitons , advantage would be great.



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^^I cannot recommend GRE books based on new syllabus as I appeared for the old pattern. Refer to URCH forum.

Make it a habit to sharpen your vocabulary. Start as early as possible, and enjoy it. Quant is not that tough but tricky. Nonetheless, get adequate practice for it.

I'd favor MS from US rather than MTech from India.

But the main factor is the availability of funds at your disposal for MS in US. You should have fixed assets (land, house), gold, fixed deposit etc equivalent to 25 lac of worth in rupees (amount can be higher for few universities). Getting solvency certificate is easier from non-private banks but still you/your sponsor should have the proof of the assets ready.

Some universities ask for financial statements at the time of application itself.

So, keep that in mind and start saving.

A long process, I will write some other time.


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Thanks Faun,

It would be great if you could suggest some good books , resources ( Barrons , Kaplan , ... there r many :( )

I will wait for your long process answer


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Hi Guys,
Reviving a old/dormant thread apparently. Could the OP comment on the validity / relevance of the first post now that it is 2014 ? :)
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