1. theserpent

    Android Deals!

    Post all the best deals you come across :) like all can benefit.
  2. Soumik

    Razer Nostromo thoughts ?

    Hi Guys, I am planning to get a Razer Nostromo for my general gaming purpose. I dont want to buy a full ext kb for my new laptop. Anyone here owns a Nostromo? If you do, what are your thoughts about it? Is it worth the hype and does it really benefit in some way? How about RPGs with lots of...
  3. MetalheadGautham

    Wine without Alcohol

    There are quite a few companies (eg: Fre) in the US who sell wines that have their alcohol content removed but the components that benefit health are retained. Is there any place I can buy such wines in India ? (Bangalore in particular)
  4. S

    Audio jack on the back of GPU itself

    Is it going to benefit the end user in case some one implements the Audio jack on back of the GPU itself? I know HDMI out port supports audio but we need HDMI supported display for that. Is there any reason why AMD/Nvidia not yet implemented the dedicated Audio out pin on GPU itself? Is it...
  5. infra_red_dude

    Master's in the US : A Guide

    I've been writing a series of articles for the benefit of those who wish to pursue their Masters in the US. I completed the last part yesterday. Just posting the links here for the benefit of all: 1) MS in the US, a guide: Part ONE - Exams - GRE and TOEFL 2) MS in the US, a guide: Part TWO -...
  6. P

    Help me choose a Laptop... Dell or Sony!

    hi there, I am in the process of a Laptop for myself.... And I am confused between these 3 Dell Studio 15! Benefit of this is... Pricing It has got Designer Covers, by Mike Ming. Dell Studio XPS 16! Benefit of this is... Graphic Card Leather Finish Upgradebility Sony...
  7. rhitwick

    Help needed on selecting Proce, MB and GFX card....

    Hi guys can u help me selecting from these options........... Q6600 vs QX6700(is there really any benefit of QX6700 over Q6600?) Abit IP35 Pro vs. Abit IX 38 QuadGT(Same question........what benefit?) Any other MB comparable to Abit boards and having SLi? GFX cards: Which is better...
  8. pritish_kul2

    Whta is SATA

    Wht is SATA? Wht is the benefit?
  9. CadCrazy

    What is pay pal ?????

    I want to know about pay pal. How can open pay pal a/c. Its benefit over credit card if any.
  10. Kalyan

    Help me about LCD Monitor.... ASAP

    Hi all.. I have bought my config except the LCD Monitor. I need to buy it soon. May be two/three days. I need a 17" lcd monitor. The vendors at my place are having viewsonic 1703wb, viewsonic 1703, Samsung 740N, Some HP LCD Monitor and Acer(dont know model but 17"). Please suggest me a good...
  11. B


    I want to know that Ebay is safe for shopping also why ebay giving cheap price on softwares. eg Win XP Pro SP2 is Rs 12000 /- and Ebay giving 7579 /-, so what's the benefit comes to Ebay. this is pirated or any other things. please help me.:confused:
  12. arunks

    ubuntu for 64-bit pc

    i have 64 bit 2.66 Ghz p4 with intel d101.. i ran the ubuntu for 64 bit pc live cd.. but ater running when i clicked "install" icon on desktop then system freezed.. why is it so.. what will be the benefit or difference if i install 64 bit ubuntu rather than simple one. will it run...
  13. JAK

    All Units Report..(AMD Rig Config)

    Ok People...I need a bit of help here.... :wink: I need to build an amd rig for a friend of mine from i was expecting some help from u guys... :wink: BUDGET below 25000/-(Cost of all components UPS etc) Points to consider : 1:Max possible warranty 2:Economical 3:Decent...
  14. ashisharya

    Does Hibernating Computer take MB?

    Does hibernating take space in MBs? Whats the main benefit of hibernating computer?
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