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linux installation problem

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i have 128MB RAM 40 GB HDD with 3 partitions & win xp installed. i want to install FEDORA CORE 4 on E:\ .
when i am inserting 1st CD set up comes but not proceding means rebooting PC automatically. plz help


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vinsindia , first of all you should have posted this thread in Open Source section. Coming to ur question,be clear ,
what does your screen say after installation starts . Do you press enter to proceed for default graphical installation ?? Tell us in more detail.

Vishal Gupta

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First u hv to create some free space, as u hv mentioned u want to install linux in E: drive, so delete this partition!

Then boot the computer using linux CD and follow the instructions...


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First Convert All Your Drive Partitions to NTFS as Linux Can't write on ntfs so anything goes wrong you will be on the solid ground then if you want to install linux on partion E then delete this partition and then create two partions in unpartitioned space one partion should be 700 MB to 1 GB this partition serve as Swap partion now create partion on E drive but Dont format the Unpartioned space with FAT32 or NTFS leave it Unchanged you can all do this with Windows XP CD now your boot screen will look something like this

F: 700 MB RAW

Now pop in your linux CD and Run The installation. the installation will rewrite the unpartioned space and creates own filesystem for you the benefit of converting other partitions to NTFS comes here as linux can not write on NTFS your Windows Installation Will remain safe and your valuable data and if anything but rarely goes wrong you can boot into windows easily without any problem just restart and you are set.


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Does FC4 run on 128 MB of RAM? I remember Linspire refused to run. Dunno about FC4. Haven't use FC for a long time now.
@vinsindia did you test the cd before running the setup. When you run fedora discs, it prompts you to check the discs.


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@YES, FC4 runs at 128, but will be painful for GUI though. I better suggest to upgrade to 256 or NOT TO INSTALL GNOME OR KDE. Use some lightweight WMs.


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Don't NEED the RAM (Confused) You Don't have to buy additional RAm for WM's The Swap Partition You Created Serve as a additional RAm for You Swap Partition of Linux is 5 Times Fast as normal Page file of windows so carry on without the RAm you don't get the error message on the screen. but your computer will be little slow but that is another issue atleast you have linux installed without any hitch.

Satissh S

I'd suggest he install and use DSL. Reason being that he can avoid a lot of extra fedora bloat, such as GNOME, KDE while keeping the system running fast and smooth using the beautiful fluxbox. It's just a 58 MB Download.
Besides, Abt your FC query, post more HW details such as Proccy, Mobo etc., Besides do you use ASROCK p4i65 mobo with AGI technology., The kernel does not have support for AGI technology and FC4 installer wud give you nothing other than a kernel panic. Refer this Kernel BUG NO# 5807 . And this thread on Fedora Forums
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