1. shreeux

    Need Urgent Suggestions Creative T3130 not Working?

    In my Creative T3130 Speaker playing only right side only..Left side speaker not working..After some research i was bought extension cable for 3.5mm jack. while inserting jack left speaker was working and inserting fully right was working and left was not working..Need suggestions..Also cut...
  2. P

    Problem with USB Pen drives

    Hi, First of all, I don't know if this is the correct place for this post, if it isn't, please redirect me there. My problem is that, my Dell inspiron 14r laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) is unable to read any pen drives. Yesterday, I tried writing on my friend's Cruzer 4gb...
  3. Rockstar11

    Dish TV 301.Signal not found :S help plzzzzz

    From the past couple of days my DISHTV has been out with an “301 error - Signal not found” I did try the basic things like reseting the box , removing the vc & inserting it back , checked the cable, the dish, everything seems to be in order. what's wrong with it? how can I fix this? plzz help..
  4. esumitkumar

    how to make mobile unreachable ?

    hi frnds Some of my frnds say u can make ur cell unreachable (mine is nokia 6600) by removing its battery n again inserting but when i do that it says switch off can we make mobile unreachable ..any trick ?
  5. Ganeshkumar

    To Get Fm Radio Without Inserting Handsfree...

    Hi all :) :) Long back I had seen a thread started to KNOW IS THERE ANY POSSIBILTY TO GET FM RADIO WITHOUT INSERTING HANDSFREE..... And all replies r negative...:) But Today i got :idea: :idea: to know frm other forum that IT is possible in MOTO ROKR E6!! :) :) And sorry for Other...
  6. 56561

    Dvd Drive Problem

    i HAVE INSTALLED A NEW DVD writer ( LG ) in my system ( LG dvd ram ) . os is win xp . well th e problem is : dvd s are ok but no cd is getting detected . every cd I am inserting it is showing blanc and nero is promting to burn the cd as it is getting detected as a blank cd . no probs...
  7. G

    listen fm in mobile without inserting earphone

    i have sonyericsson j230i fm phone.whenever i have to listen fm with inserting earphone but my friend said we can listen fm without inserting earphone in motorola w220 "dikhe itna mahanga kuch to log kahenge" with inserting a code *#**372.can i listen fm in my mobile without inserting earphone.
  8. nil_3

    DVD not working

    I have a DVD of HP origin which I created by Nero. It is a data-DVD. After writing is over, I checked and at that time all the files inside it was showing and opening. Thereafter as usual, I deleted those files from my HardDisc. Now whenever I am inserting this DVD into any of my DVD ROM/Writer...
  9. sourav

    Pen Drive Not Recognisable

    I got a free gift Gigabyte 128 MB pendrive with Digit for 1 year renewal issue in November. Now it has stopped working in my computer. In windows it starts, then shutdowns (It happens like you inserting the pendrive and taking out the pendrive continuosly unless I really take out the pendrive...
  10. maharajadhiraj

    game problem!!

    My bro just got a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Melee" PC game. After installation, when we are trying to run the game, its showing - WRONG DISC INSERTED even though we are inserting the right disc. wats the problem??????????? :? :? :? :? :? Its a 2 cd game. we have tried...
  11. V

    linux installation problem

    i have 128MB RAM 40 GB HDD with 3 partitions & win xp installed. i want to install FEDORA CORE 4 on E:\ . when i am inserting 1st CD set up comes but not proceding means rebooting PC automatically. plz help
  12. H

    CD Writer problem

    Hello all... I have a pretty queer problem with my CD writer.... Whenever I insert a blank CD for writing it doesnt get detected at all....That is, the CD on inserting doesnt start rotating by itself...On vieving the properties of the CD drive, I see the details as "Total: 0 bytes; Used: 0...
  13. a_medico

    Possible avoiding inserting CD evertime?

    I have this medicine book which runs with a TENTON VIEWER. It asks for a code in the beggining. then everytime we have to use it, it asks for the CD. Without CD, it wont run. I tried copying entire CD on HD and give the HD location. It persists for CD everytime !! is it possible for me to run...
  14. lahratla

    PC hangs when inserting CD's

    My system is made up of: VIA C3 667MHz CPU with 40GB HD and 256 RAM using WinXP SP2. When inserting some cd's, which I believed to be damaged, my PC always hangs. The problem stops only after removing the cd's. Moreover, while viewing Windows Explorer etc. the mouse hangs frequently. Please help.
  15. pirates1323

    4x, 8x agp ??????? confused

    Ok can I use 8x agp cards in 4x slots....... I have heard tht inserting 8x compatable agp cards in 4x slot won't make any difference..... while inserting in 2x slot can make a big difference ......
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