1. patkim

    Network Not Safe - Message on browser - Redmi 1S

    I switched on the mobile data on my Redni 1S (Airtel Network) and used the built in browser to access Google. To my surprise, I got a warning message that current network is not safe. See the screenshot. What does it really mean. It's https connection and phone is set to get automatic...
  2. V

    Amplifier for Set Top Box

    Hi, I recently bought a Philips TV but it doesn't have a headphone jack. So to use a headphone, I have to directly connect it to the Set Top Box via an RCA Male to Aux Female cable. I can hear properly but the volume isn't too loud, despite setting the volume of the STB to the highest. The...
  3. patkim

    Redmi 1S - Network provided date time not working

    On my Redmi 1S phone with MIUI 8, Network provided date time option simply does not work. Though set, date just resets automatically to 1 Jan 1970. I can manually set it but the option to set it automatically as provided by network just does not work. I never noticed it earlier I guess when it...
  4. Harsh Pranami

    SUggest me a 24" FHD monitor which will also be connected to set top box

    SUggest me a 24" FHD monitor which will also be connected to set top box Hi all. How are you guys doing? So I'm planning to buy a monitor because CS:GO on 15.6" laptop is killing my experience. Budget 15/+-2 k . 24" FHD. Also I'll like to connect that monitor to a set top box using...
  5. Cyberghost

    Sea of thieves

    Developer - Rare Platform - Xbox One and Windows 10 Genre - Pirate-Themed Multiplayer Adventure game Sea of Thieves is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, set for release in 2016. The game is...
  6. quicky008

    Selecting a decent 2.1 speaker with rich bass output within 4.5k

    I'm interested in buying a decent 2.1 speaker system for my pc primarily for listening to music-currently i have a set of creative speakers which are not capable of producing deep,punchy bass-therefore i'd like to replace them with another system which has reasonably powerful bass output that...
  7. D

    Set up time in new industry

    How much time you should allow to yourselves to set in a new job of new field?
  8. A

    How to back up data from an Android phone with a damaged screen.

    I dropped my Moto X 2nd gen yesterday and now display is not working. It was running marshmallow. I tried connecting it to my PC to recover files. It is getting detected but as USB mode was set to charging, I can't actually see my files there (before the damage it had to be set to media transfer...
  9. D

    What is your budget for Steam Winter Sale?

    Hey there, What's your decided allocated budget for Steam Winter Sale? I have set mine to 50 USD. Wallet is loaded with it. Don't want to make over purchases and impulsive purchases. So, pre-decided on a budget. Won't spend a penny more even if the deal is of century.
  10. omega44-xt

    Help needed to set up a home theatre

    TV : Sony Bravia KLV-26S400A Home Theatre : Sony BDV-E3100 A local DTH set top box OK what I need is that the audio of set top box should be played via the home theatre instead of TV speakers. TV & Home theatre connected via HDMI TV & DTH connected via HDMI. This configuration...
  11. K

    Please Help Me set up Old Router as Wireless Repeater

    I have WD mynet N750 Router as Primary i have got another D link DIR-803 Router which i need to set it as Wireless Repeater pls help me... Thanks in adv.
  12. bijay_ps

    Wallpaper issue in windows 7

    Hi, I am not able to change wallpaper on my PC. Whenever am trying to change wallpaper I am getting an error saying: "This image can't be set as wallpaper. An internal error occurred." This is happening for every image I am trying to set as wallpaper. I am attaching the screenshot for...
  13. NitrousNavneet

    Wifi Router Required

    Hello fellow members, to start with, I am completely new in this wifi area, don't know how it sets up and works et cetra, never got a chance to perfectly scrutinize a set up. So , will you all please help me ,, I have a Tikona connection with 2mbps speed (the limit of which ends in...
  14. J

    how to connect set top box with PC for live viewing without tv tuner card

    Hi, I have a HD set top box provided by GTPL. It has HDMI as well as AV ports (red-white-yellow ones). My tv is connected with HDMI cable with STB. Now, I want to connect my pc with the available AV ports in STB so that I can watch tv on my pc. I want to know if it is possible without having any...
  15. Cyberghost

    “Windows 9″ preview set to arrive later this year, will focus on desktop users

    While a second update to Windows 8.1 is just around the bend, it’s a larger update codenamed Threshold that’s getting most of Microsoft’s attention these days. Said update, which could arrive as Windows 9, isn’t expected until the spring of 2015 although a preview is set to arrive later this...
  16. T

    Get ID and Value in AutocompleteTextView

    Hi, I am newbie to android development, I am trying to set ID value from Json object and then want to fetch ID against corresponding text. Problem is how to set Id and value in autocompletetextview and fetch them, got some articles about using custom adapters but don't know how to use them...
  17. S

    auto log out

    Hi, I am using an tp-link TLWR740N wireless 150 mbps N router, I got a net connection from pmpl(meghbela) broadband over static IP and I have to authenticate via their web portal. I have set up the static IP, DNS, Gateway,Subnet Mask on my router, and also successfully set the connection...
  18. P


    The question may make you laugh but I need help setting up I have a basic 100 rs to link router that breaks by 25 meters due to our homes big walls so I would like to know a way to set up a Bold connection I heard about parabolic wifi antennas and saw them on eBay can someone explain me what...
  19. anky

    FAR CRY 4 Discussion Thread

    Far cry 4 announced... * looking forward to it...awesome series..and this one is to be set in Himalayas..:D
  20. R

    Setting Google DNS or OpenDNS for Tikona connection

    Hi! I'm a new member here, I have Tikona 2Mbps Unlimited Plan (FUP 20 GB) using my personal router (Digisol DG-BR4000N/E) and I wanted to set google dns ( as my primary dns BUT when I set it as default, I can't even access the login page of Tikona. I used the trick to edit the 'hosts'...
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