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lol:D Whatever is posted is not a spoiler.Its left to your imagination it has no definite start and end.Its not like a story driven game.
btw ico i will miss you as a mod.:( .


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Hmm..in its official website its written this

Gameinformer’s “Best Downloadable”
Gamespot’s “Best Puzzle Game”
Kotaku’s “The Best Indie Game”
GameReactor’s “Digital Game of the Year”
Spike TV’s “Best Independent Game”
X-Play’s “Best Downloadable Game”
IGN’s “Best Horror Game”


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Just completed the game. I have no words. This game was amazing. Still need to figure out the ending though. But this is definitely a must play for everyone.


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Nope. Most of these Indie releases are usually on Steam. So unless you own a console, your choice is limited to Steam on PC.


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Completed the game couple of days ago. Now playing second playthrough and in the hunt of easter eggs.

Terrific presentation and aesthetics. Must play game.


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Guys i just finished limbo and believe me, i couldn't get the head and tail of it. Its darn complicated and not clear at all. So i searched a bit and found the following info about the game and its ending :

If you’ve beaten this game, and have no idea what the hell just happened, let me put it simply: your character and your little sister(?) are straight up dead. After the credits roll, you see a broken treehouse in the top right corner of the screen. Tilt your eyes down a little bit, and you notice two swarms of flies hovering above the ground. Throughout the game, there are swarms of flies around dead things, so in my mind, flies = dead children. You two clearly fell out of this treehouse. In my mind, this game is one instance of your character (let’s call him Charles from now on) trying to escape Limbo: the place where children without original sin go after they die.

Now that we know our hero is dead, let’s turn our attention to the rest of the game. You awake in a forest, and you just wonder around for a while until you realize you’re in some pretty hostile territory. Giant spiders and bear-traps naturally spur the thought of “DO NOT WANT” in Charles’ head, and he tries to flee this area.

After encountering the other living beings in Limbo, you notice they are other children. I believe that they are other kids in Limbo who have accepted their fate, and have begun to turn savage. I think it’s kind of fun to think that some of the corpses around the area are some of your previous endeavors in Limbo, and this play-through just highlights one more attempt.

The further Charles goes in this area, he begins to uncover some gears and cogs that I believe are creating/powering Limbo. Think of it as if Charles metaphorically “peaked behind the curtain” and he wants to find out more. In Chapter 18, Charles begins to have powerful memories of his sister (on the day they died) that drown out the environment around him. A “head worm” sends Charles back into reality, causing him to lose grasp of this memory.

The ending of this game had me scratching my head for some time. After Charles bursts through the glass (jaw-dropping, in my opinion), he wakes up, and finds his sister. Charles has spent the entire game trying to find his sister. He has to be wondering, “Did she die? Is she in this haunted land?” throughout the entire game. Once he finds her, they share a stare, and the credits role.

I loved every bit of this game. The only part that has me confused is the giant HOTEL sign that makes multiple appearances. Let me know if you have any theories to what that is in the comments.

Note - If you haven't completed the game, do not read the spoiler.


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My interpretation is the boy died and the girl didn't.

At the end, when the boy (brother/ghost/sould/whatever) moves closer to his sister, she feels her brother's presence. Nothing else. She doesn't exactly stare him as the above spoiler says.


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Can this be played in offline mode? And how long? I can't really stay online all the time. I have a night unlimited BB and my EVDO has variable speeds, not suitable for gaming. :(


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both died falling from the tree. Rope ladder is broken too, reveals a backstory to that
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