1. H

    [PS4]Active GTA V Players/Crews

    Hi, Looking for active GTA V players/crews on the PS4 to do mission/heists/races/general BS. If you are an active player, kindly leave your PSN ID below and i'll add u. Thanks! ~N
  2. G

    how 2 make purchase on PSN store

    Can anybody please tell me how do I make purchases from PSN store for my playstation 4 as my VISA debit card has not been accepted and I don't have a credit card. I need some serious help here please as I want to purchase games from a sale ending tomorrow. And is there any way to add psn funds...
  3. Gollum

    Batman 75th Anniversary

    Discounts are ON PSN LINK:!/en-in/batman-75th-anniversary/cid=STORE-MSF75508-BATMANPROMO75TH%7C%7C
  4. jak3072

    Re: Best PSN Account Region??

    Hey ppl thanks for all the replies to my earlier thread. The next thing I would like to ask you guys is which region offers the best PSN deals? I have seen many ppl talking about creating USA account or Japan Account. Was wondering what you guys use?? (only for the ps3)
  5. Gollum

    [ONLINE CONSOLE GAMING] Playstation Network, Xbox Live!

    Hey Guys... Time to add all of you console Gamers at the TDF community in One place. ID List: krishnandu.sarkar - PSN: Krishnandu ; XBL: Krishnandu Gearbox - XBL: ilmshn Gollum - PSN: niku4186 ; XBL: LocatingPanic67 rakesh_ic - PSN: blackhawkric T!M3 PSN: DiGiTaL_ESCape...
  6. sam.dg

    FIFA 13 PS3 players - anyone here? Add me!

    My PSN ID - sam_dg01
  7. Extreme Gamer

    Prepaid PSN cards?

    DNA Transcription.
  8. H

    Comparison Buying PS3 game on disk than on PSN

    Hi guys, i don't know whether it's right place to ask. if its not, mods please tranfer it to right place. with that said, i want have your views on above topic. what i think, buying on PSN will give me freedom from changing disk for each game whereas in case of disk i can resell it.
  9. vamsi_krishna

    'Limbo' Discussion Thread

    The award winning puzzle platformer which was an instant critical and commercial hit on XBLA, is making its way to Steam and PSN, "very soon". As confirmed by Playdead's CEO Dino Patti Source: [Update]: Limbo Confirmed For PSN, Steam - News -
  10. Sarath

    PSN Welcome Back Free Game bonus; Help me choose games

    Hi guys, I wanted to create a thread about the PSN Welcome Back program but cant find suitable information (partly owing to laziness). However free games are being offered for the PS3 owners: I want you guys to help me out which ones to choose (only 2 out of 5 games can be choosed; thats why)...
  11. Rohan_B

    Friends On Playstation Network

    Add your Playstation Network ID here and add each other up as a friend to play multiplayer. :mrgreen::mrgreen: My PSN ID is --> DX_Rohan Thanks and add each other up guys!!
  12. H

    Problem with psp psn store

    I dont have wifi access on my sony psp. So can i download/buy games from PSN STORE by using "media go" ? If yes, then to how many psp can i upload it to? Also is it necessary have the Psp connected to internet while playing the games, or to activate it ??
  13. vamsi_krishna

    Star Wars: The Force Unleased 2 Discussion

    Okay, as the game is coming out today.. lets start the discussion here. The demo was out on PSN, Live.. any one played it?
  14. NoasArcAngel

    help in online gaming ps3

    guys i am going to buy a new ps3 slim 250Gb i wanted to know what are the games i can play online using the PSN network and what will be the latencies ... thanks
  15. official

    psn problem in sign up plz help

    hey guys i bought a new ps3 last novmbr but did not sign up... last i thought of doing so. last night i tried to create new account and it asked to updte the ps3, i downloaded and it restarted as i can see it was complete. now wen i tried to sign for new auer account a new window comes out and...
  16. N

    PS3 is really amazing....PSN FTW

    this might sound wierd but i got a ps3 recently and..........and tried to play killzone 2 online with psn and its works and the best part is it does not lag....not even a single playin with ppl from the us and eu...........on a 512kb airtel conection.....does sony have dedicated...
  17. max_demon

    UnOfficial Thinkdigit Playstation Network Thread

    Hello Guys Share your PSN Ids here my PSN ID is : godofwarmax My Trophy List : :-D
  18. max_demon

    My First PS3 Experience

    Hello Friends , day by day pc new hardware price is going high and high and new games are coming and coming . so finally i decided to buy one . i got to nearest sony world . and purchased one . they doesnt had 80 GB or 60 GB they had 40 GB one . and after chatting with sunny i decided to...
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