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^really? that's all it is? you have nothing else to say or explain about the thematic aspects?
expected so much, was anticipating some explanation till the end, thought that all of that would actually lead to some explanation, some kind of narrative
get its a good trick to make it void of all text, literal and implied... and that the game itself is the experience
but the meaning was missing, the end was sudden. really well done, keep playing the last bit and the ending over and over, but still, wish there was some explanation. or is it hidden in the game? have some kind of ocd where it all has to make some kind of meaning, the hotel, the woodlands at the top of the screen, the steady change from wild to industrial, the turning worlds, the machines, the people who taunt, the spider... so disappointed that it was just a puzzle and nothing beyond that
this was minimal, definitely an experience, but it was like a romance novel, or pulp fiction, where everything is too formulaic, refined and targeted, empty stimulation
again, didn't feel like that till the game ended, expected a series of explanation, even maybe a backward travel sequence
just comparing to portal for example, there was a point, a meaning, the game played with you but at least we got "the cake is a lie", then braid, or trine, or super meat boy, or world of goo, all had a takeaway


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If you go by the literal meaning of "Limbo" the ending is justified. The soul is trapped there, whatever he does he can't escape its fate.


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Yes I too feel the boy was trapped. No clear explanation, not that I complain.
But last reports suggest “Limbo 2“ is in the works!

Game was good. He was clearly in search of something which he finds in the end.
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