1. chimera201

    Playdead's INSIDE

    Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project. Inside is an puzzle platformer adventure video game developed by Playdead, their second title after Limbo, released in 2010 to high critical praise. The game is thematically and visually similar to Limbo, where the...
  2. thetechfreak

    LIMBO Review

    LIMBO Storyline- Well to start with there is no Specific story. The game starts in a Black & White 2D Environment with a Boy(The Protagonist of this game) "waking" up suddenly in the Middle of the Forest. No objective shown clearly. So there is nothing much to get us started with. We...
  3. thetechfreak

    Details, Screenshot of Limbo Follow-up Emerge

    Source- "Project 2"- Limbo Follow-up details emerge| IGN
  4. R

    Limbo Startup Error

    I didn't know where to submit game problems so I am writing here as it's an Indie Game I recently reinstalled LIMBO on my Windows 7 system with following configuration Memory 2.0 GB Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 @ 2.20GHz x 2 onboard graphics When I open Limbo it gives following...
  5. vamsi_krishna

    'Limbo' Discussion Thread

    The award winning puzzle platformer which was an instant critical and commercial hit on XBLA, is making its way to Steam and PSN, "very soon". As confirmed by Playdead's CEO Dino Patti Source: [Update]: Limbo Confirmed For PSN, Steam - News -
  6. N

    Only open - source indian CMS

    Hi all Im currently working on an open source Mambo inspired CMS :) called Limbo it runs on the LAMP platform . Would like you to have a look and give suggestiosn and ideas . Download from : Demo at : Here is the...
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