LG 4K TV vs Sony 4K TV


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LG recently launched its 4K Ultra HD TV in India, shortly followed by Sony. What is interesting is the fact that the two TVs are very similar - 4K resolution, 84 inch screen, almost similar pricing (I think a difference of Rs 100 maybe) - and this time, Sony has also went the passive 3D route - its 4K TV model is a passive 3D TV against all other Sony 3D TVs, which are active. The most shocking piece of information - the Sony 4K panel is probably sourced from LG - as some rumors suggest (Source - Hands-on(ish) with LG's 4K TV | TV and Home Theater - CNET Reviews).



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Anyway the major difference is that Sony 4K TV uses a native 4K video processing engine - 4K X-Reality PRO (world's first) whereas LG is using a 2k video processing engine upscaling to 4k. I am only talking about the video processing here, both TVs will display native 4k of course.


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Why not Sony's 84 inch 4k tv cost only $25,000. I got 2 eyes, 2 kidneys, 2 arms and 2 legs.


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This may be a little off topic but when I went to Singapore in October I actually saw the LG 4k TV in question here( there was no mention of price).

Without doubt it's a great panel. Amazing picture quality. 4k felt dramatically great. If anyone does want to get this, wait a couple of months. The prices should come down.


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A thread which is just closed was asking for 9 lakh gaming rig may be that kind of guy can buy it :)
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