1. I

    OTG Cable

    Hi, I think this is the correct section to ask.if not mod please move this . Can someone tell me a device that supports multi OTG like i can connect Mouse,keyboard same time with phone? Please help. I found some similar device on amazon but different reviews make them not reliable...
  2. Ronnie11

    2.1 Speakers for a budget of 10000/-

    Hey Guys, My Klipsch Pro media speakers sub woofer finally gave away and i am unable to repair the speakers. Although very unfortunate, it leaves me no choice but to look for a new 2.1 speaker system. I am looking for speakers similar to klipsch pro media. I would have bought the klipsch...
  3. A

    Replacement IEM for ~3k

    Sadly, I broke my VSD3 this Friday. They work fine though, but need to be extra careful not to break it even more. So looking for a replacement at around similar price range. Audio Source : Laptop, Cell Phone, Fiio X1. Amp / DAC : FiiO E11K Kilimanjaro 2. Audio genre : Mostly Rock...
  4. H

    Best speakers within 7k ? (2.1/2.0)

    Currently, I'm considering Swan M10. Is there anything better out there given the budget ? Some pointers - - Need neutral signature - High clarity - Not a basshead so I can compromise on bass I listen to almost everything - rock, blues, jazz, classical, pop, country etc Some less...
  5. S

    Phones having similar audio quality to lenovo vibe k4 note

    Most of the time I play my music out loud, and from the digit review, I see that lenovo vibe k4 note has the great audio performance I've been looking for, both out of the speakers and on earphones. But I'm put off from considering it due to low sunlight legibility and disappointing camera in...
  6. swatkats

    ACT Fibernet Hyderabad offers yet another tremendous Speed & Data Bumps! [08-09-2015]

    Looks like all my prayers are now answered. Possibly due to similar plans from Airtel and BSNL. 40Mbps up to 100Gb, 3Mbps post fup for 1050 ;)

    GiveAway: One plus two Invite.

    -------------------------------- INVITE GOT EXPIRED, ILL CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SEE IF I CAN GET A NEW INVITE. --------------------------------- hey, I have an invite for one plus two , i was planning to buy it, but my one plus one is stil working awesome hence decided to give the invite...
  8. sandynator

    Best alternative to Dell S2240L IPS Monitor[Matte Panel]

    Guys I would like to know other better Matte Display alternatives to Dell S2240L in similar budget or max 10000 rupees. I need similar colour reproduction & performance in Matte Panel. Too glossy display is killing the movie experience as my PC is placed near window & every time I just cannot...
  9. abhinav_bipnesh

    Suggest an Laptop with 5th Generation processor or similar

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 75k-80k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 13", 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? web browsing, programming , gaming 5) Any typical configuration in...
  10. T

    Need IEM like Soundmagic E10 2 to 2.5k

    Hey guys, I had an accident and broke my 1 year old Soundmagic E10's jack and now I need a new IEM that has a similar soundstage as E10. I loved everything about the E10s. The feel and the sound output and they are very well balanced as they are not bass heavy at all. I need a similar IEM...
  11. makwanamilan96

    Android one Confusion

    At the launching time all 3 android one device price was similar. but now they are selling at diff price. and karbonn android one which was launched on snapdeal is being sold at 4790 with free 8 GB memory card. After watching lots of review all says performance is similar as hardware is...
  12. T

    Cheap Gaming Laptop Suggestions PLEASE!!!

    Ok, So recently a friend of mine visited Singapore and got a Dell Lappy for 40-41k INR with the following specs 2/3rd gen(not sure) ci7,8Gb DDR3 RAM,2Gb Dedicated Graphics etc........I wanted to know if i could get a lappy similar in specs under 48k here in India.No specific Brand preferred,RAM...
  13. sling-shot

    Link2SD vs Mounts2SD

    I have used Link2SD and reasonably understood how to use it (though not the intricate details of its working) Recently I have come across another application on F-Droid | Free and Open Source Android App Repository called Mounts2SD that seems to have similar functions. Has anyone here used...
  14. Baker

    Experia C or SP

    am impressed with their specs and shape , can any one suggest which is better..? both seems to be in a similar price range . or is there any other phone i can consider in the same price range..?
  15. S

    [Want to Buy] Noctua NF-R8

    hi folks, as the title suggest I'm looking 80mm fan especially the noctua NF-R8. If you have any similar performing fan also can PM me. TIA
  16. avinandan012

    hotswap bay

    can anyone tell me from where can I get these or similar type of product
  17. Nerevarine

    software similar to groupplay for PC

    Im looking for a software that will enable Me to use my laptops speakers as an audio device for my pc.. Idk if thats possible but it may use bluetooth or LAN.. Should be somewhat similar to groupplay for android.. Thanks in advance Nvm guys I solution..Stardock acoustic bridge does...
  18. prabhu.wali

    Chassis for NAS

    Hi fellas, I m thinking of building a NAS and i was looking for chassis to house at least 4-5 drive days similar to a drobo any suggestions?since m unable to find one :-?
  19. a_medico

    BSNL dataone - Not able to open certain websites

    Connection - BSNL dataone Worked fine till day before yesterday. Since 2 days, I am not able to open certain websites eg TDF, hdfcbank (netbanking page), tpb and few more. Happens on all the computers and mobiles connected to the Asus wireless modem. Sites open using proxy websites. Had similar...
  20. anon232

    Laptop similar to Samsung NP550P5C-S05IN

    Are there any laptops similar to samsung NP550P5C-S05IN within 60K? Requirements(similar to NP550P5C-S05IN specs but with) : 1)Backlit Keyboard 2)1080p screen And can someone tell me the display quality of the samsung NP550P5C-S05IN(not the...
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