1. khalil1210

    Recommend a 55 Inch TV for daily use

    1. Budget ₹40K - 55K 2. Display type and size? 50-55 Inch 3. What will the TV/monitor be used for primarily? TV will be used in hall to watch SD content ( Tata Sky ), occasionally HD 4K movies/series from OTT. 4. Types and number of ports required? not sure HDMI, USB port should be enough...
  2. Artoo_Detoo

    How to watch MKV file format videos in Sony Bravia R302D Tv?

    I have a Sony Bravia R302D 32" TV. In my TV, when I try to watch videos from my USB Pen Drive connected to the TV, sometimes some .MKV format files become unsupported but not all MKV files. Only a few MKV files get unsupported. I have watched some other videos of the same .MKV filetype in the...
  3. H

    Suggestion needed for 32 inch and 24 Inch TV..

    Primary requirement - Very Good picture and sound. Wall Mount must Non Smart TV Service Centres in Hyd I'm planning to use Tata HD DTH for 32 inch and STB for 24...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Full HD LED TV under 60K

    Hai, I want to buy a Full HD TV. Here are my requirements: 1. Budget: 60K Max, 2. Display type and size: Full HD LED TV, 3. The primary use of TV/Monitor? 100% as Primary TV 4. Ports Required: HDMI [At least 2 of it], USB, Ethernet/Wi-Fi would be great, 5. Preferred choice of brand...
  5. M

    Confused between SONY 4K HDR or FULL HD?

    1. Budget? RS 75,000/- 2. Display type and size? Confused - Full HD (50inch) or 4k HDR (43inch) 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Movies,YouTube & Amazon prime 4. Ports Required? Just have to be compatible with my Yamaha YHT-299 5. Preferred choice of brand? SONY 6. Any TV/monitor in...
  6. z3rO

    PnS camera buying advice (15k-20k).

    What's your budget? 15K - 20K Camera type? Point and Shoot Body Style? Compact or Bridge Compact How much zoom do you want/expect? ~20X optical Do you care for manual exposure controls? Yes What will you be shooting with this camera? Home gatherings, Travel. Will you be...
  7. V

    4K HDR TV 49"/55" under the budget of 1.5 L

    1. Budget? 1.5L 2. Display type and size? 4K HDR LED 49"/55" 3. Primary use of TV/monitor? Everyday Primary TV over HD set-top box, Smart TV, Bluray playback over 4K player and future proofing in budget. 4. Ports Required? Regular i.e. 3/4 4K60 ready HDMI. HEVC support. 5. Preferred...
  8. T

    Sony 4K HDR TV or Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV

    I'm looking forward to buy a new television this new year and according to my budget, I've narrowed the search to these two models - Sony 43 X83D 4K HDR with Android TV or Samsung 43 UHD 4K Smart TV KU6470. I would like to know which would be better of the two as a whole. Also I'd like to hear...
  9. Akira

    Need new TV to go with new console

    Im planning to buy both a new TV and a new console this Christmas. I like PS exclusives better, so PS4 it is. But should I wait for Pro or Slim to be launched? Note that I have a 5mbps internet connection, so 4k content will be tough to get. Should I just stick with FHD? 1. Budget? About...
  10. karthikn_jay

    Best aftersales mobile under 20K

    1. Budget? Under 20K. Within 15K preferable 2. Display type and size? 5-5.5inch. 5.2 preferable. Any display type 3. Dual sim? Not mandatory 4. Preferred choice of brand? WHICHEVER PROVIDES THE BEST AFTER-SALES WARRANTY AND SERVICE 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)...
  11. lywyre

    [Help Request] Screen mirror/ cast with Sony Bravia 40CX520

    I am trying to cast/ mirror from my mobile to 40cx520 Sony Bravia tv. This TV did not have inbuilt WiFi, I am using Sony WiFi dongle for the same. I have paired my mobile with the TV. I tried some YouTube videos. But I cannot find the screen mirroring option in the input options of the TV...
  12. M

    Random contact deletion on my Sony Z3+

    My Sony Z3+ has been having strange problem wherein the contacts stored on it get deleted randomly. In 6 months I lost atleast 10 contacts in this manner without me deleting any of them (even accidentally). What can be the problem/solution for it? I have Android 6.0.1 installed with all updates.
  13. S

    BEST LED TV Brand lasts longer? sony or samsung?

    Guys, I am going to buy a new LED TV Under INR 40,000 so Need to ask which brand lasts longer Sony or Samsung? I have read some reviews online where people say their Sony TV lasted only 1 or 2 years. So my question is does this happen to every Sony TVs or only those people were lucky and...
  14. S

    43 inch FHD TV around 50k

    1. Budget? 50k 2. Display type and size? 43 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? normal TV use and watching movies 4. Ports Required? HDMI, USB 5. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, LG 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? Sony 101.6 cm BRAVIA KLV-40W562D Full HD Smart LED TV...
  15. S

    Suggest me a Smart TV under 40k (Samsung, Sony, LG)

    Hello Guys, This is my first post in this forum. Today I need your suggestions regarding buying a smart TV under 40K. My budget was 35k before for a non-smart TV of samsung, sony or LG but as I can see people are buying smart TV more than a non-smart TV these days my budget also got...
  16. patkim

    Any DVD RW brands other than Sony & Moserbaer?

    I have seen repeated failures with Sony & Moserbaer DVD RW disks. I have noticed that the DVD RW disks fail sometimes after quick erase. I have so far thrown at least 2 Sony & 4 Moserbaer DVD RWs in last 2 years. I was wondering if there is any other good brand I can count on for DVD RWs? Thanks.
  17. K

    need help buying a 50inch tv

    hi need help for buying a 50 inch tv budget 80k , was reading reviews of sony , which was good , any suggestion , want this for the family room , would be primary used for tv viewing and gaming mostly , does any body know about le eco 55inch is it any good comparing to a sony or samsung , thanks
  18. Akira

    PS Now is coming to the PC

    Sony has officially announced the coming launch of PlayStation Now on the PC, first in parts of Europe and “shortly thereafter” in North America. “This will bring a wide selection of PlayStation exclusive titles to Windows PC for the very first time, including entries in the Uncharted, God...
  19. sling-shot

    Which is the best replacement for OEM SONY USB cable?

    My Sony provided charger/data USB cable has gone kaput because of being frayed near the MicroUSB end. Searching for a replacement Sony cable online did not yield any results. Is there anywhere I can get an OEM Sony cable? If not, is there any good cable that fits the Sony port properly...
  20. M

    Looking for Android Phone around 20k

    1. Budget? Around 20k-25k. 2. Display type and size? 5.2" to 5.5" 3. Dual sim? Not required 4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, LG, One+, Mi, Motorola 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? A good camera (back and front) will be...
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