1. P

    Can Y510p support 3D (interlaced) while using passive 3d glasses?

    I recently bought the y510p (i7 variant). It comes with GT 755M GPU which is able to play games at ultra settings. Anyways I downloaded the Crysis 3 and under it's graphic properties I saw 3D option. One option grabbed my attention that was of "Interlaced 3D" ...I choose it and applied, then saw...
  2. M

    Sony 43W850 or Panasonic 42LET60D?

    which one shall I choose? I dont really think triluminus is really that helpful and I liked Panasonic PQ. Update: I checked out Panasonic Plasma today. They looked better but I am quite concerned whether I should go with Sony LED or plasma. Also what the deal with full HD 3D? Is it true that...
  3. shaurya.malik88

    LG 2013 line up models vs Sony 2013 line up models.

    Both the brands are all set to launch their new flagship models in 2013 and the new part being that Sony is also going to use the passive 3D tech in their 2013 line up models. So Does that means that lg's monopoly of using the passive tech is going to be over and would this affect their market...
  4. P

    LG 4K TV vs Sony 4K TV

    LG recently launched its 4K Ultra HD TV in India, shortly followed by Sony. What is interesting is the fact that the two TVs are very similar - 4K resolution, 84 inch screen, almost similar pricing (I think a difference of Rs 100 maybe) - and this time, Sony has also went the passive 3D route -...
  5. chandan3

    3d moniter

    Lg D2343p ips 3d passive moniter when it ll come to india
  6. S

    3d tv suggestion?

    I had a plasma TV that just broke one week ago. I am now thinking about getting a 3d tv. One of my close friends told me to get a passive 3d tv but I am a noob at these things. Can anyone give me a suggestion?
  7. G

    Which 3D TVs are the best? Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, or LG? Passive or Active?

    3D TV showdown! Which 3D TVs are the best? Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, or LG? Passive or Active?
  8. Sarath

    Are passive 3D glasses universal?

    I was curious during my last movie visit as to whether the glasses that come with TV sets (obviously passive ones) would work in the movie theatre too? I am aloof with the latest developments in 3D technology. Hence looking for someone actively following it for comments. I actually want...
  9. vickybat

    Complete 3D TV technical guide

    Okay guys I had planned a compilation of 3d technology used in current displays, how its differs from cinema 3d and its negative effects on us. After doing extensive reading from various sources, I finally decided to put everything into place. It all happened when me, our forum member cilus and...
  10. A

    Smart TV + 32" + 3d + full hd + passive 3d glasses + any brand = please find me one!

    Iam planning to buy a 32" full hd led smart tv with 3d (passive glasses). I did quite a lot of search but i couldnt find one. Please help me find one. I dont care abt the brand...
  11. iMav

    A humble plea.

    Hey guys, As you all know passive smoking is as dangerous if not more than smoking itself, people around us smoke, that affects us also, the 1 who smokes doesn't want to quit for himself but he should realize that his acts not only affect him but those around him, the children, the elders. I am...
  12. topgear

    Make Your Own Copy-Protected CD with Passive Protection

    Make Your Own Copy-Protected CD with Passive Protection If you interested in Make Your Own Copy-Protected CD with Passive Protection then Follow This Link ie Source :
  13. M

    Protection Reseach/Tutorials

    Hi guys, So I think that my research/tutorials may fit into this section of the forum: VCD Copy Protection : VCD Copy Protection protected against IsoBuster : Passive CD Copy Protection...
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