January 2008 - Opinion Poll

Do you use your cellphone to access the Web using GPRS/EDGE/WAP?

  • Yes, I surf the Web on mobile daily

    Votes: 26 23.0%
  • Yes I use it only once-twice a week

    Votes: 30 26.5%
  • I don't simply because I feel it is not secured. (Bad experiences, if any)

    Votes: 5 4.4%
  • No, I don't use the Mobile Web as the speeds are very slow. (Name the service provider)

    Votes: 52 46.0%

  • Total voters
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dá ûnrêäl Kiñg
voted for 2nd option
Even though i don't like browsing from mobile,quite often i find situation were i have to rely on my Airtel GPRS.
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My Mobile was my only access to the internet about 2-3 years back.
I used a Ngage QD with Airtel MO. The speeds rocked. But now the speeds are hellishly slow. But i still surf the net on my e50 with Airtel NOP.


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i have a samsung SGH-E490 edge enabled handset & i use airtel GPRS 2 surf the net, though its download speed is very poor but still getting online all the time without thinking about any extra charge is worth it...


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Voted for the 1st option. I surf a lot on my phone. More than half of my posts on this forum are from a mobile phone, including this one. Just wish the speeds were better. Waiting eagerly for 3G.


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option 4
airtel gprs on k790. dont use it because it is too slow. past experiences with airtel GPRS on k750 also not good


I pick opt 1 coz i used to surf and make chats in internet through my nok 6630& 6680.Iam using idea cellular

Rajesh Balachandran

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I Vote 4. I have an EDGE Phone, but I am getting only the same speed as normal GPRS. My Service Provider is Vodafone. The charges for data connections is also very high. In my experience, it is also very inconvenient to browse the web using a mobile phone, except in Apple's iPhone (it is by far the best mobile for surfing; readability is superb and the display scaling is perfect).

I use GPRS/EDGE for checking e-mail via POP3, though. Never for surfing.


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tried to use gprs from my dad's n80 the experience is better than my k790i or k750i


4th Option: No, I don't use the Mobile Web as the speeds are very slow.

I have Nokia N70 (3G capable phone) with Vodafone in Mumbai.

Even when I was on a dial up, using net thru mobile looked slow. Now when I am habituated to Triband, a page takes eternity to load and is far more costly! 10 ps per 10 KB is Rs. 10 per MB! Triband is Rs. 1 per MB.

10 times the cost, 1/100 the speed! Not done! Data cards and laptops are getting more and more popular and rightly so!
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