1. TechnoBOY

    Error launching Virtualbox on kali 2

    Installing Virtualbox was a headache.After all these installation process there is an error when launching VB WARNING: The character device /dev/vboxdrv does not exist. Please install the virtualbox-dkms package and the appropriate headers, most likely linux-headers-686. You will not...
  2. H

    Digg launching its RSS Reader on 26 June

    Recently, The news has surfaced the web that Digg is developing its own RSS Reader as an competitor to Google's Reader. Now, Digg has announced that it is launching the new Reader on June 26 for Everyone. Digg developers has said that the new Reader will come with great features such as...
  3. B

    Any new upgradel for Nikon D5100 expected this year?

    Hi, I'm a beginner and planning to buy my first DSLR. I have narrowed down my choices to Canon 550D, Nikon D5100 and Sony A57. Now how to select one from these? Budget is around 45K and will like to shoot portrait, nature and wild life. Also any idea is Nikon will be launching any...
  4. T

    Google Tv Launching On 17 October

    Now Showing “Internet” to a TV Near You That pun may become reality in a few days as the clock ticks, and our hearts pump to wait for GOOGLE TV which is all set to launch on 17th October, says..... Read More At:CyBeR nAuTéS: Google TV Launching On 17th October??
  5. kalpik

    Motorola Milestone launching in India on 22nd March!

  6. H

    BSNL Launching 3G soon

    I just found out today only, Here's the news *
  7. Coool

    3G for mumbai in feb......

    MTNL is launching 3G services in feb for mumbai.... *
  8. Cyrus_the_virus

    MTNL Launching 3G Today!!

    MTNL is launching it's 3G services today in a few circles in Delhi. Source: CNBC TV-18
  9. K

    HP Touch PC

    Hi , Does anybody have idea that when HP is launching its Touch PC in India. Regards, Kapil
  10. life31

    Is this TRUR???? Mahindra~~ Renault Yeni

    This Car is launching in India only forRs 1, 30,000 ( usd 2300 / Dhs 12,000 ) Car name is: RENAULT YENI Will be launching in India in collaboration with Mahindra. For Rs 1, 30,000Which is the another budget car to compete TATA!! and now ofcourse Bajaj's new one as well.
  11. Amir.php

    far cry patch not installed

    After extracting far cry patch into far cry folder, when i try to install it says, "This installation can not be run by directly launching the MSI package. You must run setup.exe". please tell me what i can do?:confused:
  12. bkpeerless

    Max payn 3 traler is it true

    I just saw a max payne 3 traler and it claimed to be launching on 2008.. But is it true or anather nonsens.. plz check *
  13. R

    Google Space launched

    Google is continuing its mad dash to be the name most commonly associated with the Internet, launching *">Google Space, an Internet café service in London's Heathrow airport * Source ...
  14. dIgItaL_BrAt

    iTunes\WMP for Symbian

    Should'nt Apple and Microsoft release their media players for the Symbian OS too? because it's high time we had a proper,quality app for music playback on our phones.Symbian Phones have a large enough user base for Msft./Apple to take notice of.Apple did take a step in the right direction by...
  15. I

    AMD launching dual core Athlons

    AMD launching dual core Athlons tomorrow Exclusive AMD Athlon 64 X2s to line up with dual-core Opterons By Fuad Abazovic: Wednesday 20 April 2005, 15:48 THE WORLD+DOG already knows that AMD has its Opteron dual-core CPUs ready and that it's set to launch them tomorrow. But not many...
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