1. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest] Challenge #8 = What's your all-time favourite game?

    IMPORTANT: Attach the screenshot and mention your Gamer ID for the entry to be considered valid. Start responding below. Of course, don’t forget to mention your Gamer ID with each post (or your responses won’t be considered valid). How to get your Gamer ID? Click and register...
  2. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest] Challenge #7 = Who's your favourite game character?

    Ever felt so connected to a game character that you start having dreams with them? Whether you're bopping Koopa Troopas with Mario or taking out some aliens alongside Masterchief, there's a connection. Let us know who your favourite game character of all time is. IMPORTANT: Attach the...
  3. Apollo

    [Contest] Challenge #5 = Your all-time favourite games?

    Start scratching your head… … and tell us about your all-time favourite games and what makes them so special. Is it Mario? Snakes or Ladders? Tetris? Contra? Snake? Or something more contemporary like Call of Duty, Battlefield, GTA, CSGO, Dota 2? Come on, don’t be shy! The best responses...
  4. Apollo

    [Contest] Challenge #4 - What game(s) are you playing?

    Gamers are an interesting breed. Some like to immerse themselves in just one gaming experience at a time, finish it completely and move on to something new. Others like to juggle through several different games through the day — on their phone, PC or console. In this challenge, we just need to...
  5. bkpeerless

    Need resources where i can learn python

    Hi, Can u suggest me places where there is step by step instruction to lean python or videos. I am looking for intermediate and advanced learning. Basic is there in youtube.
  6. K

    Clean up tool

    Hi Guys, I have Windows7 Ultimate. Can I uninstall INTERNET EXPLORER only without any problem? Is there any free clean up tool to remove ADWARE,MALWARE,SPYWARE and the like in INTERNET EXPLORER? How to make the EXTENTIONS OF INTERNET EXPLORER as default settings? Your step by step procedures?
  7. K

    Back up feature

    Hi Guys, I have Windows7 ultimate. How to check and confirm whether Windows (Partitions like C:/ D:/) manual or automatical BACK UP has been set up or not by? Your step by step procedures? Any Windows whole automatic back up enabled as default in Windows7?
  8. G

    Lost mi piston2 want new1 under 1.5k

    M looking for new iem....lost my mi piston2... Was so happy with the performance of mi piston2 bass sound everything is damm i want 1 step ahead of mi piston2....heard lot more about piston v3 also sony xb30, soundmagic es18s, cowon em1, sennheiser cx series, tekfusion twinforce...
  9. T

    Ubuntu not Booting after Graphic Card Update

    I recently changed my Gfx from 560Ti to GTX 960. And since then whenever I try to start Ubuntu it hangs on the start up screen. Windows runs fine. I can boot through Recovery Option to Terminal but apart from that nothing. Please help. Not very well versed with Linux yet so step by...
  10. E

    Cyanogen mod 12.1 on Moto e 2015 3g

    Hi Could someone please give me a step by step tutorial on installing Cyanogenmod 12.1 on my moto e 2015 3g variant. Ive already rooted and installed TWRP on my phone. I don't have the download links to Cyanogenmod either. All responses are appreciated, Thanks in advance
  11. sam9s

    sam9s Raspberry Pi Project! powered by LMS and Squeezelite

    Hi Friends, After a long time I have ventured in another DIY project and I am very excited to share the same with you all again. Before I go in to the details of the project. let me share the reason why I went for what I am about to share. I was out on a picnic with my family and inlaws when...
  12. R

    how to set up my router with dial-up connection?

    i have a local internet connection, i am getting a lan cable direct to my house, no modem nothing...and they have setup the connection in my laptop in such a way that m not able to connect it on any other lapy/pc... on that single lapy it shows a dial up kinda connection as it asks(in a poped up...
  13. B

    Can we run GTA V and Win 10 with these specs

    Hi Guys, My friend wants to buy the following laptop Buy HP 15-R007TX 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i5 4210U/4GB/1TB/DOS/Nvidia GeForce GT 820M 2GB DDR3 Graphics/with Laptop Bag), Black...
  14. D

    How to to boot USB on Y510ps

    Just purchased Y510P and now i want to downgrade to Windows 7 as i dont like Windows 8.. i have made a bootable win7 pendrive that works on my pc but the bios of y510p is just too damn confusing ... Help me please... Step by step Thanks - - - Updated - - - did some keedas.. found how to...
  15. K

    Help needed..... installing OPEN-WRT in Western DIgital ROuter mynet n750....

    Hello guys, I got WD mynet n750 Dual band Router ... But i got stuck while installing Open WRT to it...( It doesn't support DD-wrt but it does support open wrt) Sorry Im "Technically" illiterate ....:mrgreen: so I really need to know the process step by step and like a child ..... I...
  16. M

    Help in php website

    I need to know after learn php from w3shools i want to learn how php code used when we design website with (css,html) , i want website that learn and do practice step by step process for developing php website
  17. I

    Article: Fix front panel audio EMI noise

    I was having a problem with my front panel audio port for a long time until yesterday I found a solution. I am sure many of you have that problem.. So here I start. SYMPTOMS While listening either through headphones or speakers through the front panel audio, you can hear a whining noise...
  18. A

    Need help to configure Cyberoam cr15i firewall.

    Hi guys till date I never configure any firewall (hardware base) & now iwanted to configure one Cyberoam cr15i firewall on one of my client office. So if any one could help me regarding the same by providingvideo or any configure step by step documents then it really help me. Thanks in advance.
  19. Chetan1991

    How to unlock Idea netsetter (Huawei E1732) ?

    Hey guys I want to unlock my Idea netsetter (Huawei e1732) since many operators have slashed prices while Idea still charge an exorbitant 250 for 1 GB data. If anyone knows how to do it please mention the step by step process or point me to a webpage documenting it. I've seen many such...
  20. S

    Farcry2 (unable to create online dedicated server)

    Kindly some one guide me how to make a dedicated server (online) for farcry 2. Kindly explain step by step procedure. Thx will be thankful to all who can help.
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