Is your net slow presently? Blame the worlds biggest DDoS attack


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no problems 115KB/s download. I may or may not be part of the reason your internet speed was hit :p :p :D

edit : read spamhouse ;) :lol:

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only undersea cable cuts/maintenance results in such kind of disruption in net services nation-wide in a country like India not some DDoS attack.
i was trolling poor bsnl guys with complaints whole week.

Same here. For me, BSNL's DNS servers are completely down. Using other open resolvers like Google DNS servers are allowing me to atleast browse though at very very slow speeds. :cry:In fact yesterday whole day I was trying to make my internet, with no success. I was cussing at BSNL the whole time. :p

Vignesh B

Egypt's military arrests divers cutting undersea Internet cables
Egypt's naval forces arrested three divers cutting through an undersea Internet cable today, the country's military representative said, raising the possibility that saboteurs are behind severed lines and days-long Internet disruptions.
A coast-guard patrol stopped a fishing boat near Alexandria and arrested three men "while they were cutting a submarine cable" line belonging to Telecom Egypt, the country's main communications company, Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali said on his official Facebook page. The page offered no details on the divers' identities, according to published reports.
It was not immediately clear if the divers were responsible for recent disruptions to Internet traffic over several lines that connect Africa with Europe, the Middle East, and Europe. Meanwhile, an executive for Telecom Egypt told TV network CBC that the disruptions were due to cable damage caused by a ship, according to the Associated Press.
A handful of Internet and telephone outages have been caused in recent years by damage to undersea cables near Alexandria, which carry more than 75 percent of traffic between the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. A trio of outages in 2008 were thought to have been caused by weather conditions or ship anchors.


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This sucks. From a few days speed is pathetic. Clubbed by the unreliable MTNL modem, this is a nightmare!!! :'|


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Darn it.....In day I can't even browse properly, although in late night Speeds gets OKish. :)

And now I know why I can't get the downloads in College also. I used to get 2-3MB/s and now its like 200 KBps. :|
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